Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 10:

The Lighthouse Keeper - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Monday 31st January 2011

(The Lighthouse Keeper was written in September 2005 and first appeared on in November 2005)

The inspiration for this story came as I was drifting off to sleep one night and became aware of a pulsing green light in the bedroom. I quickly realized that it was the progress indicator on a rechargeable battery pack. The steady regularity of the light reminded me of lighthouse and the basis for this story formed quite quickly as I scribbled on a notepad in the dark. I needed to create some kind of astronavigational danger that would warrant a space-lighthouse, thus was born the Chaos Cluster - roaming space like a bunch of unpredictable juvenile delinquents.

The original artwork for this story is a photograph of the lighthouse in Southwold in Suffolk, and the ženormous planet-sized bubble of liquid, surrounded by a strange, crackling, red, electric haloÓ - as described by Sam in one of his last transmissions back to Earth ®- was a fluke photograph of the bubble at the border of an explosion at a fireworks display in Blackheath. I overlaid the lighthouse image onto the red sunray-like appearance of the actual firework to simulate electromagnetic broadcast rays, very much like the old image used for RKO pictures. The mix futuristic and historical elements worked rather well as a analogy of podcast transmission, so I use this image as the logo for Ad Astral Podcasts on iTunes.

Our Guest Voice Actors:

Simon Taylor (AKA “The Doc of Rock” or Jimmy Beige) is a multi-faceted guitarist who (along with Miles Jeffcoate) plays in the popular cheesy beat combo "The Brown Stripes", who have taken Brighton by storm since May 2005 and are now known as "Hanover's Worst Kept Secret". He is also in the rock power quartet "Tortishead" AND was in the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" AND a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule”. In his spare time, Jimmy dabbles in the dark arts of "The Physics". He was also a founder member of “The Natural Transport Company”.
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Judi Dettmar - skier, gardener, festival goer and all round lovely person.









Music used in this episode:

A lot of the music in this episode was created by ERH of the FreeSound Project and you can find out more at sinuspiralmusic

(See below for details of ERH's music in this episode)


Featured website in this episode:

Take a look at the fabulous jewellery website of one of our voice actors, Wendy Pratt. Click on the banner above.


Sound Effects

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

Scene 1
Opening music = long string su 51.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Stealthcruiser background sound = Airplane Cabin 01 090320.wav by LG of the FreeSound Project
Simgar burning = sparkler_spark_fuse_close_05.wav by m_O_m of the FreeSound Project
Simgar sparkles = u_chimes3.mp3 by BristolStories of the FreeSound Project
Scene 2
Klaxon alarms = alien_alarm.wav by Syna-Max of the FreeSound Project
Servo shuttles = Rhino-10.wav by patchen of the FreeSound Project
Freighter hit and sparks = Ship damaged explosions sparks.wav by Jace of the FreeSound Project
Metal twisting after impact = 39 raw.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Distress Beacon = distress signal.wav by edge of October by the FreeSound Project
Odd Job grabbing the Freighter = CinematicBoomNorm.wav by Herbert Boland of the FreeSound Project
Docking umbilical = hydraul1.wav by swelk of the FreeSound Project
Docking hiss = RubbishCollection.wav by acclivity of the FreeSound Project
Dragonfly hits the asteroid = LOUD_BLAST.wav by IFartInUrGeneralDirection of the FreeSound Project
Scene 3
Melancholic symphony music = 02259 sad film symphonic loop.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project
Scene 4
Office door opens and closes = open and close wooden door by fresco.wav by fresco of the FreeSound Project
Footsteps = footstep on wood foley.wav by martian of the FreeSound Project
Coffee pour = pour a cup of coffee.wav by sdfalk of the FreeSound Project
Chair squeaks = Chair squeak.aif by sacredmatt of the FreeSound Project
Scene 5
Music in background = industria.mp3 by liliangorini of the FreeSound Project
Scene 6
Stealthcruiser background sound = Airplane Cabin 01 090320.wav by LG of the FreeSound Project
Limpet catches fire = MemoryMoon_space-blaster-plays.wav by suonho of the FreeSound Project
Bomb Bay doors close = door-open.wav by Qat of the FreeSound Project
Scene 7
Limpet strikes asteroid - Hardcore boom 1.mp3 by jobro of the FreeSound Project
Disengaging restraints, harness and gimbals = glitch_09_loseswordswoman_(suonho).wav by suonho of the FreeSound Project
Footsteps across metal floor of Limpet Space Capsule = Footsteps Metallic Muffled Louder ( by rutgermuller of the FreeSound Project
Oil damped consoles = sas_ouverture.WAV by Velvorn of the FreeSound Project
Shot bolts = rocketexpl.wav by nthompson of the FreeSound Project
Scene 8
prototype transmitter = Tune in.wav by chipfork of the FreeSound Project
second-generation pulse-transmitter = remote control.wav by NoiseCollector of the FreeSound Project
Lighthouse sound = w4.5 b2 3 submarine a.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Scene 10
Background music = coma cluster [extract 2].wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Scene 11
Sam’s last breaths = ambience03.wav by yewbic of the FreeSound Project
Closing sequence music = ethereal ttn 1 b3 17.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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