Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 12:

A One Horse Town - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Friday 1st April 2011

(A One Horse Town was written in June 2009. It was written for (and performed at) my friend Hugh Clench's 60th Birthday party in July 2009 and subsequently appeared on Aural Delights Episode 98 on the StarShipSofa in September 2009.)

The inspiration for this story came from the fear and suspicion that are intrinsic in xenophobia and the change of heart that can occur with a sudden change in circumstances, coupled with some fun with frontier mentality

The original artwork for this story shows the entrance to the Tombstone II's bar and an acid rain storm raging outside.

You can see a video of the poem being recited at my friend's birthday party below:

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