Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 17:

Capsule 2

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Sunday 29th July 2012

(Capsule 2 was written in September 2011 on the Greek island of Paros. This is the first time it has been published and it is exclusive to Ad Astral))

The story sort of echoes Episode 8 ‘Aftershock’ but in this case the escapee doesn’t have the luxury of stasis technology to maintain brain function over the long journey ¬– using a mix of biochemical and electrochemical drip feeds, coupled with a pathcomm-link, to stimulate memories into creating a chronological dreamscape. Capsule 2 is a simple life raft and only really meant for short duration, so it became a study into the effects of solitary confinement and descent into madness, as well as briefly addressing the issue of euthanasia. It’s uncertain as to when the computer actually goes off line and whether he imagines it talking to him. It’s also left open as to whether he really does get rescued or if it’s another hallucination; so, is the rebooted computer simply replaying a program before the Space Station technicians examine it or is it trying to wake Dave (dead or alive) still on board capsule 2? Getting the Capsule 2 computer to call him ‘Dave’ is, of course, a nod to Hal in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001; Friday is a reference to Robinson Crusoe.

The original artwork for this story shows the interior of a cylindrical diving bell. I took the photo when visiting the maritime museum in Fort Cochin in Kerala, Southern India in 2009..



Here's the YouTube promo video I mentioned in this episode for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live:



DJ Burnham's books now available in multiple formats

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You can buy the actual book by clicking HERE.

You can download it from Amazon for your Kindle (Type in "DJ Burnham" to bring it up quickly) or click HERE


The intro and outro music was by ERH of the FreeSound Project. Called “Scifi Menace” it showcases this guy’s fantastic sound effects.Check his music out at MySpace under Sinu Spiral

Our Guest Voice Actors:



Anand is a multi-talented chap. An outstanding photographer, he has travelled widely through India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, capturing superb images along the way. He is also an experienced climber and trekker, having led several expeditions to Annapurna and the Himalaya.

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages






Lois Shaul is the best neighbour in the universe, she also likes a decent ale and is a whizz with power tools.







Miles Jefcoate (AKA Muddy Rich) fronts the Brown Stripes and Permanent. The Stripes are a rock/cheese crossover 2 piece for whom Muddy drums and croons. Permanent are a 5 piece power pop combo from Wales, for whom he sings and co-ordinates heckling between songs. He’s also to be found playing sloppy drums for Fearless Jones, a funk soul 5 piece.Muddy is a caring and switched on musician/activist, he is currenly running a campaign to keep Jamie Oliver out of the kitchen and to ban Jamiroquai and Deacon Blue from all ipods. Muddy's hobbies include bogsnorkling and kitten juggling. By day when he's not committing musical crimes he is better known as mild mannered art teacher Milo, sharpening colouring in pencils and telling jokes to 11 to 18 year olds. You can find out more at and









Simon Taylor (AKA “The Doc of Rock” or Jimmy Beige) is a multi-faceted guitarist who (along with Miles Jeffcoate) plays in the popular cheesy beat combo "The Brown Stripes", who have taken Brighton by storm since May 2005 and are now known as "Hanover's Worst Kept Secret". He is also in the rock power quartet "Tortishead" AND the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" AND a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule”. In his spare time, Jimmy dabbles in the dark arts of "The Physics". He was also a founder member of “The Natural Transport Company”.
Find out more at,, and






Sound Effects

Many come from The Freesound Project.

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

Scene 1
Intro music = scifi menace.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Engine rumble and space ship in trouble = Ship damaged explosions sparks.wav, Ship damaged explosions sparks.wav 2 and Engine damaged sparks.wav by Jace of the FreeSound Project
Alarm = alarm of d00m.wav by Syna-Max of the FreeSound Project
Running through ship = FOLEY_Footsteps_Metal_001.wav by conleec of the FreeSound Project
Capsule 2 door opens = 20070117.puff.wav by dobroide of the FreeSound Project
Servo and cushion grip = Space Title SFX.aif by mattpavone of the FreeSound Project
Airlock closing = whoosh04.wav by FreqMan mattpavone of the FreeSound Project
Hatch lock on door = Dramatic_metal_clang_1_Reverb10sec.wav by Timbre of the FreeSound Project
Data back up = Digital Data Beeps.aif by jasonLON of the FreeSound Project
Ejection charges = double metallic pounding 01.wav by klankbeeld of the FreeSound Project
Reserve acceleration burst = SCI-FI ROCKET LAUNCH 01.wav by sandyrb of the FreeSound Project
Radio Static = Radio Static.mp3 by Percy Duke of the FreeSound Project

Scene 2
Computer beeps = 5 beep a.wav by jobro of the FreeSound Project
Distress beacon = distress signal.wav by edge of October of the FreeSound Project
Ticking clock = Grandfather Clock - digifish.mp3 by digifishmusic of the FreeSound Project

Scene 6
Monster outside = Monster.wav by Sea Fury of the FreeSound Project
Spooky pounding = deep dark horror pounding 03.flac by klankbeeld of the FreeSound Project
Scary scuttling = birds on the roof indoors-rec 04.wav by klankbeeld of the FreeSound Project
Scary metallic sounds = 01560 creepy metal creaks.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project
Throaty monster growl = Ad Astral
Weird Cry = 01847 nightmare appears.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project

Scene 9
Space Station background = inside spaceship.wav by jaava73 of the FreeSound Project
Sounds of winching in the capsule = crane01.wav by WIM of the FreeSound Project
Capsule set down on deck = CinematicBoomNorm.wav by HerbertBoland of the FreeSound Project
Departing footsteps = footsteps wooden floor loop.wav by sinatra314 HerbertBoland of the FreeSound Project

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