Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 22:

On The Feast of Stephen-Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Sunday 1st December 2013

(On The Feast of Stephen was written in September 2007 on the Greek island of Milos. This is its first appearance.)

There are many aspects to Christmas. One of them is the potential to generally overdo things - that was the starting point for this story.

The original artwork shows Stephen Wren's neon 'House Bling', an alien knife and fork, and the date set for Boxing Day..


Our Guest Voice Actors:

All the way from sunny



Pat the Pirate of Patmando - Man 'o the Mountains, Hellenic buccaneer and bass-player.








Wendy Pratt has taught the art of fine metalwork as well as producing exquisite jewellry of her own. She has also helped to run several stalls at the UK's festivals – such as the Guarana Bar and Funky Chick – and became an invaluable member of the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival crew, meeting and greeting the stars backstage on arrival.Wendy currently lives on the wonderful Greek Island of Paros.





Sound Effects


Many come from The Freesound Project.

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

Scene 1
Sleigh Bells (and throughout) = Sleigh Bells.wav by benjaminflack of the FreeSound Project
Scene 3
Switch flick = Switch 22.wav by LG of the FreeSound Project
Garage door close = frontdoorclose.wav by j1987 of the FreeSound Project
Carol = TRACK 3.mp3 (The Bar Convent School Choir) by vedas of the FreeSound Project
Scene 4
Jingle Bells = jinglebellslong.wav by NoiseCollector of the FreeSound Project
Scene 5
Carol one = Stabat Mater - Capella Ducis 130525_13.wav by klankbeeld of the FreeSound Project
Carol two = Christmas Arbeau_w_Birds_Sine_Waves by hammerklavier of the FreeSound Project
Cigar lighting = Lighter Ignition.wav by gelo_papas of the FreeSound Project
Cigar smoking = Smoking breath in and out.mp3 by ramhernandez of the FreeSound Project
Scene 6
Winter music = In Dulce Jubilo.aif by hammerklavier of the Freesound project
Scene 7
I Saw Three (Alien) Ships = by Ad Astral

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