Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 26:

Here On Earth-Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Wednesday 4th March 2015

(SuperGalactic Radio was written in September 2014 on the Greek island of Andros. This is its first appearance.)

I've been meaning to write something about the themes of ufos, alien abduction and crop circles for sometime. Whatever you believe I thought it might be fun to look at a couple of the most famous cases and adapt them into a radio play format. What inspired me to write it was watching The Fisher King again about 18 months ago with Robin Williams' fantastic performance. I sort of had his voice in my head when I wrote the part of Whatanat. Although the framework of the character and the story were already in place, I wrote it just a few weeks after he passed away. So, in a way, this episode is a tribute to one of the most original, energetic, and likeable of comedians.


The episode also contains a small tribute to the great Leonard Nimoy

The original artwork shows the Earth surrounded by a crop circle-like halo.


As mentioned in the podcast, Jon Wood's new album "These Tall Trees" is now available on iTunes: Here

Thanks to George and Gella Despotopoulos for making our stay at Villa Galazio in Batsi on Andros so enjoyable in September 2014: this story was written on the beach there.


Our Guest Voice Actors:




Jim and Rene Burnham (Dave's parents).

Jim is a keen gardner, especially roses, and before retiring had a remarkable career in the rail transport industry – as well as being a fellow of the Royal Institute of Marketing.

Rene is an accomplished artist, working in oils, watercolour, charcoals, ink and several other unusual mediums.




Jon Wood plays acoustic and electric guitar with folk rock band The Fold, as well as releasing his own solo project album One to Five. He can also be heard in bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things and new project These Tall Trees.

As mentioned in the podcast, Jon Wood's new album "These Tall Trees" is now available on iTunes: Here

Solo singer-songwriter, & Jonassingersongwriter





Terry Clark: Has spent much of his time hiding behind trees and some say he's barking mad.

An early appearance in an Ibsen play as teenager marked the high point of his thespian career, after that it was all downhill...that is until Ad Astral revived his flagging fortunes




Carmen Vesztergom, "I am passionate about assisting people in letting go of what doesn’t serve them anymore and support them in recognising their potential & inner beauty. I believe we can all find personal happiness -and when we are truly happy, we can live with authenticity, looking to those around us to enrich our lives rather than to fulfil us."

Visit Carmen's website at:





Melanie Vevers: Likes riding her white bike around Brighton, exploring the British Isles and Crazy Clothes.







Pete Lambert, Grew up in South Africa. Loves wine, sport, good food, politics and travel. Cyclist, works in mental health. All-round international bad boy. Age: 58 and still looking good.







Ed Willis, fellow inmate of the asylum that is Guys Hospital with DJ Burnham and Colin Gerrard, and finally released a couple of years after them to confuse the inhabitants of Bedford in much the same way as the other two confuse the inhabitants of Brighton.

Kiklos in EP26







Anand, Mission Specialist (Head of Space Walks)

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages






Ben du Boulay - "I listened to Journey into Space on the radio as a boy and (very much) more recently Ad Astral when I was far away in New Zealand last year. In both cases I was transported across space and time for a lovely while. So I was thrilled to be asked to attend Ad Astral HQ and take part in an episode. None of it was quite what I expected, except for the wonderful cheery and generous welcome from Dave and Sue. I am really looking forward to hearing how my words are slotted into the overall whole by Dave the Magician."

Jeremy Facthound in EP23 Life Bank in Episode 20 - 2013, Jeremy Facthound in Episode 23 - 2014







Nick Harper - Music in EP26 - 'Holiday on Earth: Origins' from the album 'NIX'.

Visit Nick's website here: Harperspace


See the video "An Introduction to Nick Harper":




Music behind end credits = Running Out by FoolBoyMedia of the Freesound Project

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Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

Scene 2
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Sci Fi ambience in Florence’s home = Kitchen scene sci fi ambience by Ad Astral
Levitation boots = Levitation boots by Ad Astral
Florence’s footsteps = Footsteps_Squeeky_Wood.aif by tmkappelt of the Freesound Project
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Scene 6
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Scene 7
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