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ICS Indulgence Part One and Part Two - Shownotes

EP31 Submitted by DJ Burnham on Saturday 22nd December 2018

EP32 Submitted by DJ Burnham on Friday 28th December 2018

(ICS Indulgence was written in September 2015 on the Island of Naxos, Greece. This podcast is the first time it has been published.)

I felt it was about time to play with the idea of tourism again. Previously it had been the Radical Intergalactic Travel Agency in Episode 2, where aliens come to Earth. This time I wanted it to be an Intergalactic Cruise Ship taking passengers on the voyage of a lifetime. As I was writing it the idea of a time portal developed into an opportunity to showcase one of my favourite bands, The Doctors. They kindly agreed to allow me to use their music and also came along to Ad Astral HQ to play themselves in the story.

The original artwork for this story shows the ICS Indulgence and The Doctors arriving through the time portal.


Our Guest Voice Actors:


Simon Taylor as Captain Francis Swan

Ship's Musical director and dabbler in the dark arts of "The Physics"

He was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates".

Find out more at: The Brown Stripes,    Shabby,    Bonfire Brother,    Tortishead




Kate Daisy Grant as Science Officer Gisherry

Kate is an established singer-songwriter. Signed as a songwriter to Sony/ATV in 2005, she produced her first album 'Kate Daisy Grant', with producer Ken Rose.
Kate was asked to contribute new songs and additional score for feature film 'Mr Right' in 2009 and had several songs used in the 'Voices in the Head' episode of Jon Ronson's BBC Radio 4 show. She continues to have music featured in TV and film internationally.
Kate performed in award-winning runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Brighton Fringewith her partner Nick Pynn - since 2011, they have developed a twin live-looped show: a two-person orchestra combining their folk, toy, found item and invented instruments: piano, 5 string violin, toy instruments, theremin, singing saw, wine glasses, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo and antique floor cymbal.

Kate Daisy Grant

Nick Pynn as First Officer Yippo Rax

An electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer, Nick performs on a variety of instruments including 5 string violin, guitars, mountain dulcimer, mandocello and banjo. He plays these live whilst his feet live-loop and play bass pedals. Nick Pynn has also performed as a sideman with many musicians and comedians over the years, including Stewart Lee, Arthur Brown, Boothby Graffoe, B*Witched, Steve Harley, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Beverley Martyn, Otis Lee Crenshaw (Rich Hall) and Omid Djalili. Nick also plays with Stomp’s ‘Lost and Found Orchestra’. Having won Edinburgh’s Spirit of the Fringe and Brighton’s Star of the Festival awards and co-winning the Three Weeks Editor’s Award with Jane Bom-Bane, Nick co-won the ‘Best Music Event’ category Brighton Latest award last year with Kate Daisy Grant for their show in the Brighton Fringe. Nick will be performing regularly with Kate Daisy Grant this year.

Nick Pynn



Anand as Time Portal Head Technician and Supervisor

Mission Specialist (Head of Space Walks)

See Anand's fabulous images at: Anandimages




Miles Jefcoate as Chief Engineer Zegti

Vocalist, drummer and Brighton groover

Find out more at: The Brown Stripes,    Shabby,    Bonfire Brother,   



Martin Cooper as Safety Officer Scrog

Martin Cooper is vocalist (under the stage name of Martin Fish) with The Fish Brothers - Punk, Folk rock, singalong, music hall.

Martin is also an author and contributed to 'Seaton Point': an inner-city tale of magic and mayhem



Ty Bardi as John Tredgold
Gina Bardi as Helen Tredgold

We met Ty and Gina on the Island of Milos in Greece in September 2016 and hit it off immediately. They live in San Francisco and also produce their own comedy podcast called The Alphabet, as well as writing for Killing My Lobster - San Francisco's biggest, baddest, live sketch comedy company.

Killing My Lobster

The Alphabet

Dave and Sue Burnham having fun with Ty and Gina Bardi on the Greek island of Milos in 2016


Martyn Ford as Gerry Chattny

Hostmother, performer, author and icon of Englishness - Mrs Joyce Hoover extends the hand of International friendship

Mrs Joyce Hoover

Vanishing Point



Cigdem Ford as Maria Chattny

Cigdem sings as part of the Brighton-based Jam Tarts Choir - a 60-strong choral collective who perform unique and shimmering arrangements of songs by indie, punk and new wave artists such as The Smiths, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, John Grant, Tom Waits and Joy Division

The Jam Tarts



Chrissie Toye as Beauty Therapist on C-Deck

Chrissie is so well-travelled the stamps in her passport would give Michael Palin a run for his money




Keith Dettmar as the Waiter

Keith's pastimes include wading through mud at music festivals, attaching planks to his feet to slide down mountains and punishing his liver.





Al Cruse as Helm

Fish whisperer, Vinyl collector and ship's empath.





Paul Stenner 

In his spare-time from his day job as a Professor of Social Psychology at the Open University, Paul Stenner is a singer song-writer and guitarist who plays with The Doctors and he also regularly sings along with Area Code 273.




Steve Harrison 

Steve Harrison plays with folk rock band The Fold, and in The Doctors: a unique blend of Americana and original progressive folk-rock. He was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates". He also played in bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things. There are rumours of a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as "Molecule".



Dave Barnard

Dave signed to Polydor Records as a bass player, vocalist and songwriter in the late 70s. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s he continued his musical career as a renowned salsa specialist bass player, teaching this style at The Bass Institute in London for three years whilst playing club dates, cabaret shows and cruise ships. During the late 1990s to 2000s, Dave worked as SoundLive residential course leader for The Prince’s Trust. He has been a bass player and musical director for many touring US jazz artists and is perhaps best known for his work with the late singer/songwriter Terry Callier, with whom he toured and recorded for 18 years. Currently Dave plays with The Doctors and also The All Things Must Pass Orchestra performing the works of George Harrison.




David Bott

David has been playing keyboards for some 50 years in a variety of bands such as After Dark in the 70s (a jazz rock band), The Back-Beat Band in the 80s (a 10-piece soul band), LBOK (a Steely Dan covers band), The Dayglo Pirates in the 90s and naughties (a brilliant Jethro Tull tribute band) and currently with The Doctors.



Tom Andrews

Tom plays drums in a variety of bands including The Fold, The Unquiet Things, Tortishead

He was in the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band The Dayglo Pirates

He is also in The Sitting Ducks, Soul Sensation and The Doctors; he also played drums for Peter Green for a short period.



Part One

Intro: Parables by The Doctors

Scene 2 Arrival in the Time Portal: In The Zone (2-version mix) by The Doctors

Scene 4: No Back Stage by The Doctors

Scene 6: Titanic by The Doctors

Scene 7: Oxymoron City (Live version) by The Doctors

Part Two

Scene 7: Oxymoron City (Live version) by The Doctors

Outro: Should Have Seen It Coming by The Doctors

Find Music by The Doctors here:





Sound Effects - to follow once production complete

Many come from The Freesound Project.

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.


Scene 1
Intro = Parables by The Doctors
Sentient Sea = Biosphere Soundscape Project>Aquatic sound of the sea from the dock of Punta Allen in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve by felix.blume of
Tender sprite arrives = Transforming Buzzing Noise.wav by 18hiltc of
Tender sprite hum = White Alien Um.wav by MarioRetamal of
John climbing out of Sea = Wadin in Shallow Water by ryansitz of

Scene 2
Included in Time Portal effects mix = Experiments with synthesised sounds >> mfo3b745s64 sci fi synth.wav by ERH
Part of Time Portal effects = transport 2.wav by tim.kahn of
Crowd amazed = Crowd shock.wav by Adam_N of

Scene 3
Water pouring = Pouring water into glass by FillSoko of
Door knock = Knock_at_the_door by anagar of
Technician’s computer = Computer Chirp 2.wav by pointparkcinema of
Technician walking to door = Footsteps on Wooden Floor.aif by ftpalad of
Door opening = Retro Sci-Fi door (wah-aow).wav by Timbre of

Scene 4
ICS Tender take off = SaucerDeparture.wav by zimbot of

Scene 5
Docking = dockingdischarge.wav by NoiseCollector of
Docking equalisation = venting.wav by Sea Fury of
Door locks = door closing.mp3 by nichols8917 of
Docking voice = Artemis_Docking Complete_v2.wav by crashoverride61088 of
Comms = Scotty Star Fleet.mp3 by celldroid of

Scene 6
Door opening = Retro Sci-Fi door (wah-aow).wav by Timbre of
Computer start up = Mac OS StartUp sound alike.wav by bigmanjoe of
Vote Box ping = Notification Up 1 by FoolBoyMedia of

Scene 7
Oxymoron City (Live version) by The Doctors


Scene 8
Engineering Deck ambience = Sci Fi Room Tone, Large Hall, Soft Ventilation by Kinoton of

Scene 9
Bridge ambience = drone13.wav by Hoersielwerkstatt_HEF of
Computer beeps = beeps3.mp3 by stevegos93 of

Scene 10
Hairdryer switches = clicks_lamp.wav by jennerallydrawing of
John’s footsetps = footsteps_approach.aiff by nothayama of
Cabin comms sound = standar chime 2.wav by Milton of
Computer fails to boot = CD_DVD Drive Failiure.wav by jsfft of

Scene 11
Bridge ambience = drone13.wav by Hoersielwerkstatt_HEF of
Comms = Scotty Star Fleet.mp3 by celldroid of
Door opening = Retro Sci-Fi door (wah-aow).wav by Timbre of

Scene 12
Engineering Deck ambience = Sci Fi Room Tone, Large Hall, Soft Ventilation by Kinoton of
Door opening = Retro Sci-Fi door (wah-aow).wav by Timbre of
Comms = Scotty Star Fleet.mp3 by celldroid of
Engines speed up = Hover engine by peridactyloptrix of

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