Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 33:

The Frontiersman-Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Friday 24th April 2020

(The Frontiersman was written in June 2015 on the Greek island of Naxos. This is its first appearance anywhere.)

This story was pretty much written as a stream of consciousness sitting on the beach at Plaka on Naxos. I decided to produce and release it as a piece of pure escapism from the confines of lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic.

The artwork shows a blend of the forms that Magnus takes on his travels and adventures.


See below for other musical contributions

Sound Effects

Many come from The Freesound Project.

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.


Scene 1

Intro = Frontiersman Track by Dave Burnham

Pressure rests = Aerosol Spray by oddmonolithsound of

Gas volume adjustments = Steam Vent by botha9johann of

Ascent through the gas clouds = Alien Drone by Speedenza of

The stasis zone = Ambiance-Eerie_Wind-002.wav by DWOBoyle of

In background of election history = Sounds of Titan 1 lo 2 by ERH of

Space ship humm = star drive rumble from Garageband library

Canadarm = Moving Machine Sequence 1 by Speedenza of

Handover capsule’s homing beacon = Alien-Beacon-IDR.wav by copyc4t of

Cargo bay doors close and purge = deep_space_cargo_bay.wav by JetSmith88 of

Ship take off = Space Ship taking off by jmayoff of

Scene 2
Opening background music = Opening Scene by eliasyian of

Scene 3

Opening background music = Opening Scene by eliasyian of

Gel immersion = AlienHum6.wav by pjborg of

The Tsookitran gel sea = Underwater (loop) AMB.wav by DCSFX of

Domus Third’s gurgles and whistles = by Dave Burnham

Scene 4

Envirorb interior sounds = ship_interior.wav by nathan45100 of

Pouring tea = Household Sounds>>Pouring a Cup of Tea by nebulousflynn of

Tea cup = Tea Cup Clank.wav by RossBell of

Airlock = Pressurized Door Opening by NeoSpica of

Sipping tea = Public canteen>>Sip-man by 14G_Panska_Kaminkova_A of


Scene 5

Background opening vibes = Erokia - Freesound Remixes » Ambient Soundscape - MSfxP7 - 33_3 (Remix 511416 P'sESS- other added sound 483368) by Erokia of

Please credit/mention/attribute these users in your project.
This sound contains a stretched version of

and an underlayed sound by

Plasma cloud  swim = plasma sound 1.wav by thatjeffcarter of

Wing beat = by Dave Burnham

Electrolocation = Chiroptera>>Just the bats from AlienXXXs Freesound#433734.flac by Timbre of

Scene 5
Background atmosphere = ethereal as Syn b2 1.wav by ERH of the Freesound Project

Scene 6

Backing Music for this scene is Road In The Forest by Andrewkn of


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