Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 34:

Blink - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Monday 30th June 2020

(Blink was written in February 2004 in Brighton. It first appeared in Aphelion, Issue 83 Volume 8 in July 2004)

At the time of recording this broadcast the world is still in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve just seen the world’s first trillionaire declared. Disaster capitalists and hedge fund managers continue to exploit the misfortune and gullibility of others. Super-rich businessmen laid off staff rather than support them through a crisis. Giant companies continue to practice tax-avoidance while others utilise offshore accounts. And the legacy of bank bailouts, austerity and funding cuts undermine the most essential of health and community services while the government responsible for that gambles the economy against the lives of their citizens.

The planet pauses to catch her breath, while the human race are confined to the naughty step. This is the fork in the road. Time for mankind to evolve and take responsibility. If those who have … floated … to the top don’t take the lead, then it may be time to make them, or replace them altogether.

The original artwork The artwork shows the artificial camera fly in Brent Black’s eye.

As mentioned in the introduction to this episode our old friend and voice actor Jules Lawrence has brought out a great mini-album of weird tales:

The Album Strange Sounding Stories- words by Mike Russell, Music by Jules Lawrence & Mark Wilson. You can hear it on Soundcloud here: Strange Sounding Stories

Track 6 "The Invention" features Sue and I.

Strange Sounding Stories

Our Guest Voice Actors:


Doctor Simon Taylor, Ship's Musical director and dabbler in the dark arts of "The Physics".

Find out more at

Protos Hilton hotel guard in EP34 - recorded at his home in Brighton during lockdown and file sent to Ad Astral via e-mail.


Credits and details from The Freesound Project

Scene 1

Brent walking = Pays de la Loire » footsteps on pavement by arnaud coutancier of

Scene 2

Opening background music = Nine Lies the Heart .wav by esistnichtsoernst of

Closing background music = Strange and sci-fi 2 » scifi menace.wav by ERH of

Scene 3

Rainfall = steady rain in the city.wav by roofusj of

City sounds = CITY_BRUSSELS_STREET_MORNING.wav by keng-wai-chane-chick-te of

Car puddle splash = jump into water splash sound.wav by NIkhill Kumar of

Fly = bee fly.mp3 by soundmary of

ATM bolts = double door lock by DesignDean of

Running guards = running by Topschool of

Taxi door = 01019 car door 3.wav by Robinhood76 of

Taxi sound inside = Volkswagen Type 2_inside car_engine.wav by nhaudio of

Taxi driving off = G13.1-12-1936 Cadillac.wav by craigsmith of

Scene 4

Lift = lift running.wav by soundmary of

Door kick = Door kick.wav by goose_bumps of

Alarm = Alarm_01.wav by Ryding of

Guard’s lift = Elevator_closing by GilPS of

Hotel door lock = Security Door 1 by Andi Roselund (Sangwha Comm) via

Brent running in room = Running Upstairs.wav by lewis100011 of

Wardrobe doors = Wardrobe door1.wav by babuhr of

Handcuffs = Handcuff clicks.wav by Timbre of

Scene 5

Intercom buzzer = FX_OfficeCom_01.wav by PeteBarry of

Handcuffs = Handcuff clicks.wav by Timbre of

Scene 6

Police station ambience = Police Station Atmosphere 2 by leonelmail of

Scene 7

Kettle switch = SWITCH.wav by EricsSoundschmiede of

Fuse blows = etl Ant Explodes 24-96.wav by cmusounddesign of

Fly = bee fly.mp3 by soundmary of

Scene 8

Prison cell door = Police station's cell door // Poliisiaseman sellin ovi by YleArkisto of

Dripping water = water_drip-echo2.wav by roscoetoon of

Fly = bee fly.mp3 by soundmary of

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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