Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 36:

32B - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on 30th January 2021

(32B was written during lockdown in January 2021 at home in Brighton. It’s the first time it has appeared anywhere.)

In May 2008 Sue and I travelled to Spain with Keith & Judi Dettmar to stay with our mutual old friends, Jon and Sue Wood, at their home in Denia. One day we were exploring Denia together and we came across some interesting and unusual shop fronts. I took some photos as I thought they could make good artwork for a story at some time in the future. I had an inclining of what that story might be – based on those photographs – but it finally came together in a matter of days early in January 2021 while we were in the third U.K. lockdown.

It’s a classic story line, the central character who doesn’t know what he really is, a sort of Jekyll and Hyde lycanthrope meets Alien, ultimate camouflage, plus playing on the theme that has affected all of us living in and with lockdown…although, hopefully none of you have turned into ravenous aliens stalking your neighbours.

Wallis’ quotes were from Macbeth Act 1 Scene 2, Greek mythology (Bellerophontes with Pegasus as Garcia and his beloved Rover) and a mix of Macbeth and Beowulf for Wallis’ demise.

The artwork shows the central character’s igloo quarters door, the hand scanner and an image of him in isolation.

The map of the Far Side of the Moon shows the positions of the moonbases and the He3 mines.


Our Actors:

DJ Burnham

Writer, actor and producer

Music in this episode

Introduction Music = entropy.wav by eardeer of

Atmospheric sounds between ‘scenes’ = the cave ahr o2 b2 109.wav by ERH of

Credits and details from The Freesound Project and foley sources

Scene 1

Metal storage units in igloo = by DJ Burnham

Water running from tap = Tap Water Pouring.wav by 16G_Panska_Sand_Nikolas of

Drinking water = Drinking and Swallowing by dersuperanton of

Scene 8

Metal cabinet opening = by DJ Burnham

Face washing = FaceWash01.wav by Otakua of

Ripping clothes = ripping.aif by Walter_Odington of

Scream 1 = Male Scream by aldenroth2 of

Scream 2 = Scream.wav by vmgraw of

Door being shaken, alien in crawlway, hatch dropping = by DJ Burnham

Airlock = airlock_extended.wav by primeval_polypod of

Lunar Rover setting off = R16-21-Large Trick on Gravel.wav by craigsmith of

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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