Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 3:

Borrowed Time- Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Thursday 30th April 2009

(Borrowed Time was written in September 2004 and first appeared on Fiction on the web in November 2004, then in 'Test Drive' in 2007)


This story was inspired by Dream Catchers, an interest in the weird behaviour of subatomic particles in an accelerator, and a wish to pay homage to Samuel Beckett - all amalgamated in this tale of suspended inner space (with a sprinkling of 'Smith & Jones').

The original artwork shows the interior of a particle accelerator and two 'Terminal Signatures' flying through it.


Our Guest Voice Actors:



Martin Cooper and Anand played Vic and Ernie





Anand is a multi-talented chap. An outstanding photographer, he has travelled widely through India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, capturing superb images along the way. He is also an experienced climber and trekker, having led several expeditions to Annapurna and the Himalaya.

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages



Martin Cooper is vocalist (under the stage name of Martin Fish) with The Fish Brothers - Punk, Folk rock, singalong, music hall. (Fish Brother on MySpace)

Martin is also an author and contributed to 'Seaton Point': an inner-city tale of magic and mayhem



Carol Rogerson was hatched in December 1970. The youngest of 54 children, she decided to move to Earth at age 18 to get closer to the goth movement and maybe become a vampire.After putting on a lot of make-up and sulking in her room by candlelight, she studied graphic design and made her first foray into publishing with the famous but short-lived 'Pierced Cyberpunk Goth Chick' fanzine. Carol enjoys reading philosophy and finds the way humans think differently from one another very funny indeed. It wouldn't wash on her home planet. She likes art, photography and cephalopods too. Most evenings she relaxes by breathing in the fumes from a tin of emulsion or sanding the ends off her fingers. In 2007 Carol discovered Chris outside the station in Tunbridge Wells. She thinks he's a very special example of the species and intends to study him for a long time to come. Carol currently lives in Orpington and Brighton. Despite the wormhole in the garden, the travelling is a bit annoying and she'd like to move. If she can sort out some gills, she'd like to live in the sea. She especially enjoyed playing a human in the Ad Astral podcast: Borrowed Time.


Chris Edwards is a keen runner (having taken part in several half marathons) a great photographer, was guitarist in ex-Brighton band girl afraid, and – as a fine example of the human species – is currently enjoying being studied by Carol Rogerson.




Wendy Pratt taught the art of fine metalwork as well as producing exquisite jewellery of her own. She  also helped to run several stalls at the UK's festivals – such as the Guarana Bar and Funky Chick – and became an invaluable member of the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival crew, meeting and greeting the stars backstage on arrival. Wendy spent many happy years on the wonderful Greek Island of Paros. She was a rare star.



Colin Gerrard is a healthcare service worker, a keen cyclist (having completed 10 London to Brighton bike rides raising money for the British Heart Foundation), a gardener, photographer and he was one of the founder members of The Natural Transport Company.





Music used in this episode:

The Fish Brothers (with whom Martin Cooper is vocalist) gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘I'm A Drinker’ from their album ‘Follow thru ...’ for this production. It formed the intro and outro music for the story. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Find out more at Find out more at

Ad Astral Theme Tune: by The Natural Transport Company

Other incidental music from Apple’s Garageband library:

Sound Effects

The sound of Dr Pozzy leaving the radio studio was upanddownstairs.wav by NemoDeadalus from the Freesound Project
Opening and closing the outside door to the studio was frontdoor-lock.wav by Twisted Lemon from the Freesound Project
Swiftly walking outside on the way from the studio to his car was running hard surface.wav by bevangoldswain from the Freesound Project
The car door opening and closing was cardoor.wav by jessestephens from the Freesound Project
The sound a really cool set of wheels driving off was 1982 Z28-Away Fast003.wav by weebrian from theFreesound Project
Background voices and ambience in a London Hospital when Dr Pozzy arrives was 66719__ERH__Hospital_sounds_1.wav by ERH from the Freesound Project
Background hospital ambience during capture of second thought signature was 62602__ERH__808_Hospital_sounds.wav by ERH from the Freesound Project
Pager sound was 67033__ytiesl2s__AlarmClock.wav by ytiesl2s from the Freesound Project
ECG Cardiac arrest effect was ekg.wav by guitarguy1985 from the Freesound Project
Pozzy’s car driving past on its way to the Meridian Bevatron was 16679__weebrian__1982_Z28_By_Fast001.wav by weebrian from the Freesound Project
Background sound for the Bevatron was starshiphum.wav by Therac-25 from the Freesound Project
Running footsteps were running.wav by sagetyrtle from the Freesound Project
Warning Claxon as Bevatron chamber closes was Alarm003.wav by HardPCM from the Freesound Project
The sound of the chamber door closing was Doorslam.mp3 by HerbertBoland from the Freesound Project

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Various from Mammoth Software Royalty Free SoundFX DVD.

Various other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

Starshipsofa 2:59 trailer for Starshipsofa put together of DJ Burnham

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