Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 4:

Dream Girl - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Monday 27th July 2009

(Dream Girl was written in May 2006 and first appeared on Bewildering (Issue 239) in April 2007, then in 'Test Drive' in 2007)


Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to see a fabulously bohemian, burlesque variety show (called ‘La Clique’) several times. It appears in The Famous Spiegeltent – which is an experience in itself – and features a wonderful array of acts such as acrobats, magicians, musicians, sword swallowing, comedy, contortionists, and Yulia Pikhtina from Kiev who takes hula hooping to “delirious, powerful and exotic new heights”. As long as it's still on YouTube you can see a video of Yulia in action below:

Those amazing La Clique shows were the springboard for this story.
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The original artwork shows Lambic and Omorfia standing at sunrise on the shore of a tourqiose sea in the conjured realm of the hoops, with the ghost of Poniros and one of his 'Exhibits'..


Our Guest Voice Actors:



Jules Lawrence has been a member of numerous blues, jump-jive and rock bands along the South Coast for several years. A player of the tenor and baritone sax & blues harmonica, he is also one of the very few people who's ever bothered to work out how to get a tune out of a musical saw.
As a member of country blues outfit, The Swamp Things, he has shared stages with Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Paul Jones' Blues Band, RL Burnside and Alabama 3 as well as touring Europe on several occasions. As a member of The Dime Store Jive Revue, he also spent time playing in New Orleans as part of a Burlesque festival. He has also worked on producing live soundtracks for silent movies, performance art pieces & is currently a member of Jump Jive/ Rock & Roll Big Band- Fat 45



Miles Jefcoate (AKA Muddy Rich) fronts the Brown Stripes and Permanent. The Stripes are a rock/cheese crossover 2 piece for whom Muddy drums and croons. Permanent are a 5 piece power pop combo from Wales, for whom he sings and co-ordinates heckling between songs. He’s also to be found playing sloppy drums for Fearless Jones, a funk soul 5 piece.Muddy is a caring and switched on musician/activist, he is currenly running a campaign to keep Jamie Oliver out of the kitchen and to ban Jamiroquai and Deacon Blue from all ipods. Muddy's hobbies include bogsnorkling and kitten juggling. By day when he's not committing musical crimes he is better known as mild mannered art teacher Milo, sharpening colouring in pencils and telling jokes to 11 to 18 year olds. You can find out more at and

Becky Jefcoate’s day job involves running group discussions with housewives on consumer durables,, enough said about that already. Her big loves in life are her new husband Miles (picked up in Vegas 2009), her dog Dolly, and playing keys in Brighton band Fat By Proxy. She gets excited by big chords and gorgeous hammond loveliness. Check out some of Fat By Proxy's early tunes at Becky also teaches yoga at Anahata Health Clinic, with the aim of making yoga accessible to all who fancy giving it a go




Simon Taylor (AKA “The Doc of Rock” or Jimmy Beige) is a multi-faceted guitarist who (along with Miles Jeffcoate) plays in the popular cheesy beat combo "The Brown Stripes", who have taken Brighton by storm since May 2005 and are now known as "Hanover's Worst Kept Secret". He is also in the rock power quartet "Tortishead" AND was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" AND a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule”. In his spare time, Jimmy dabbles in the dark arts of "The Physics". He was also a founder member of “The Natural Transport Company”.
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Music used in this episode:

Nick Pynn - Music in EP4 - 'In Osnabruck' and 'The Tunnel and The Fair' from the album 'In Mirrored Sky'

Nick Harper - Music in EP4 - 'The Kissing Gate' from the album 'Blood Songs', 'Like Punk Never Happened from the album 'Instrumental' and 'Pendle's Choice' from the album 'Seed'.



See the video "An Introduction to Nick Harper":



Dharksthar - Music in EP4 - 'RUSHH 2'



Jon Wood - Music in EP4 - '125mph' from the album 'ONE to five'.



Jules Lawrence - Music in EP4 - Musical Saw, recorded on board Ad Astral

Ad Astral Theme Tune: by The Natural Transport Company


Sound Effects

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

71515__Microscopia__Wilhelm_Bruder_Sohne_Organ.wav by Microscopia of the FreeSound Project intro/outro music

66789__ViaTorci__CafeteriaLight.wav by ViaTorci of the FreeSound Project – audience chatter

7973__dobroide__fly.00.wav by dobroide of the FreeSound Project – the bar flies

2008-12-18 23_24_46 - Equestre, Pres-Paris_MP3_192.mp3 by notthisbody of the FreeSound Project = the show band

37242__Shades__gasp_x.wav by Shades of the FreeSound Project as Skatari Brothers land for first time

34257__ddohler__drumroll1.aif by ddohler of the FreeSound Project as the drum roll heralds their last jump (add short drum roll at end , boom tish)
circus_short.mp3 by harri = boom tish

35491__Charel_Sytze__applause_3.mp3 by Charel Sytze of the FreeSound Project – general enthusiastic applause

60788__J.Zazvurek__Shor_applause.mp3 by J.Zazvurek of the FreeSound Project – short, light applause

30828__shewbox__Creaky_Wood.wav by shewbox of the FreeSound Project – Rombosti lifting the heavy wooden cross

30995__UncleSigmund__woo_2.wav by UncleSigmund of the FreeSound Project – participant on Rombosti’s wooden cross

Fairground05.mp3 by acclivity of the FreeSound Project – participants spinning on Rombosti’s chairs

31359__FreqMan__gasp04.wav by FreqMan of the FreeSound Project – maybe when the alien slides down the pole and impales himself.

31362__FreqMan__gaspy.wav by FreqMan FreeSound Project – really nice surprised gasp – maybe for peacock bird

13719__acclivity__Fairground05.mp3 by acclivity of the FreeSound Project.

23131__pcaeldries__CountrySideSummerEvening.wav by pcaeldries of the Freesound Project – Early evening when Lambic first visits Omorfia

gravel walking.aif by tigersound of FreeSound Project = Lambic walking across gravel on the carnival site

35617__fresco__open_and_close_wooden_door_by_fresco.wav by fresco of the FreeSound Project = Omorfia’s door open & close

Fairground02.mp3 by acclivity of the FreeSound Project as the sound as Lambic returns to Omorfia’s dome with the bottle of wine.
footsteps_bare_feet.aif by Corsica_S of the FreeSound Project – Omorfia walks over to get more wine

DoorSlamOpen.aif by bennychico11 of the FreeSound Project – Poniros bursts in

breaking_a_bottle_no2.wav by Connum of the FreeSound Project – bottle smashes by door

door_close.WAV by Sir Smith of the FreeSound Project, door slam as Poniros leaves Omorfia’s envirodome

rbh thunder storm.wav by RHumphries of the FreeSound Project =brilliantly recorded thunder storm which appears as Lambic waits outside Omorfia’s envirodome when he hears the argument

00730 reedy folk scream.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project = Omorfia screaming

punches_and_slaps.wav by Syna-Max of the FreeSound Project = Lambic punching Poniros out.

crash.aif by pauliep83 of the FreeSound Project = Poniros crashes into the table

AMBIENT_Rain_Near_Pavement_LOOP_.mp3 by Arctura of the FreeSound Project – background rainfall in Omorfia’s envirodome

OrganLoop.ogg by Mister Todd of the FreeSound Project = Poniros’ plan intro music

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Various from Mammoth Software Royalty Free SoundFX DVD.

Various other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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