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A Growing Collection- Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Sunday 25th October 2009

(A Growing Collection was written in September 2005 and first appeared on in March 2006, then in 'Test Drive' in 2007)

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of stories within stories and this little tale was designed to have an on-going Russian Doll theme. As Herbert has his collection of stamps, so he is in turn part of Hoolgrax’s collection and then Hoolgrax is part of Tishnet’s collection and so on, in ever- increasing levels of scale and complexity. If there are any keen stamp collectors listening out there please forgive me for the apparent train spotter type character of Herbet Scrottins, it’s not meant to be a generalisation so much as a conceit to create a series of shy individuals who wouldn’t mind – well, relish, in fact – the prospect of a solitary existence – such that their shared psychological characteristics make them unquestioning and content, in a possibly limitless Hierarchy of oblivious curiosities. This is echoed in part by the fact that I decided to do all the voices for this one.

The original artwork shows Herbert's growing collection. See if you can spot some great Sci Fi related stamps in there.


Music used in this episode:

Scene 1 – Intro music
Garageband: Swing City

Scene 2 – Describing how Herbet came to join the SPAD
Garage Band: Fifth Avenue Stroll, Buddy, Park Bench and Watercolor

Scene 3 to Scene 4 link music
Garage Band: Bossa Lounger

Scene 5 – Hoolgrax Boo the Fourth
The Natural Transport Co: “Alien Music 1”

Scene 6 – Tishnet the Younger
The Natural Transport Co: “Alien Music 2”

Ad Astral Theme Tune: by The Natural Transport Company


Sound Effects

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

OneChime.wav = halfpast the hour grandfather clock chime by daveincamas of the Freeesound Project

NineChimes.wav = 9am grandfather clock chime by daveincamas of the Freesound Project

Light Rainfall - AMBIENT_Rain_Near_Pavement_LOOP_.mp3 by Arctura of the FreeSound Project

Ammonia Steam - in_sauna_1.wav by elonen of the FreeSound Project


Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

All other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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