Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 6:

Jackpot - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Tuesday 26th January 2010

(Jackpot was written in September 2008. This podcast is the first time it has been published)

Gambling exists in myriad forms and it seemed perfectly reasonable to assume that alien beings would also enjoy pitting their wits against the laws of probability and chance. The research for this story took me down all sorts of interesting avenues from the rules and responsibilities of the craps dice team, to the fascinating vertical multiple pinball Japanese pachinko machines and the language that relates to them. Gambling addicts live and breath the terminology that goes with their favourite game so I extended the idea of a common language into a planet-wide patois – I could have taken that a lot further, but it might have made the dialogue tricky to follow. It was great fun coming up with alien wagers and trying to incorporate bets in to everyday transactions.

The original artwork shows Tich Pleoneka and a Jaggah on a backdrop of cash.


Our Guest Voice Actors:



Steve Harrison plays with folk rock band The Fold, He’s also in the the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" AND a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule”. You can see Steve's biog' HERE.







Jules Lawrence has been a member of numerous blues, jump-jive and rock bands along the South Coast for several years. A player of the tenor and baritone sax & blues harmonica, he is also one of the very few people who's ever bothered to work out how to get a tune out of a musical saw.
As a member of country blues outfit, The Swamp Things, he has shared stages with Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Paul Jones' Blues Band, RL Burnside and Alabama 3 as well as touring Europe on several occasions. As a member of The Dime Store Jive Revue, he also spent time playing in New Orleans as part of a Burlesque festival. He has also worked on producing live soundtracks for silent movies, performance art pieces & is currently a member of Jump Jive/ Rock & Roll Big Band- Fat 45

Check out Jules' Myspace site HERE.

At the time he recorded his part for EP6 Jules was about to play several dates with Sandy Dillon in Europe


Anand is a multi-talented chap. An outstanding photographer, he has travelled widely through India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, capturing superb images along the way. He is also an experienced climber and trekker, having led several expeditions to Annapurna and the Himalaya.

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages



Dave Read is a very Sound engineer and has run Hi Fi quality PA at several great gigs Sue and I have been to over the years.





Sue Burnham: Dave's wife and best friend.





Tracy Hunt - one of Dave's work colleagues. Tracy is great fun and blessed with a splendid sense of humour.






Jim and Rene Burnham (Dave's parents).

Jim is a keen gardner, especially roses, and before retiring had a remarkable career in the rail transport industry – as well as being a fellow of the Royal Institute of Marketing.

Rene is an accomplished artist, working in oils, watercolour, charcoals, ink and several other unusual mediums.





Simba (Bimble Yoyo Marmaduke Pftang Pftang Olé Biscuit Barrel) - ship's cat and mascot.





Music used in this episode:


Jon Wood - Horse Nails from the album 'One to Five'. The lyrics were written and sung by Tobias of Mudlow.




Ad Astral Theme Tune: by The Natural Transport Company

Gamblers' Blues: by The Natural Transport Company

Alien Music 3: by The Natural Transport Company


Sound Effects

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

IPC landing = UFO Landing.WAV by waterboy920 of the FreeSound ProjectIPC Spaceport Terminal crowd = Recital Intermission Crowd.wav by lonemonk of the FreeSound Project
Announcement chime tone = standar chime 1.wav by Milton lonemonk of the FreeSound Project
Klizron hoof stamp = stomp3.WAV by stomachache of the FreeSound Project
Klizron tries to make a run for it = Galloping Horse.wav by prosounder of the FreeSound Project
Weapon singes Klizron = JacobsLadderSingle2 by Halleck of the FreeSound Project
Neon hum = guitar-pickup-amp-crt-neon-light-noise.wav by DrNI of the FreeSound Project
Taxi dial spin = crazyroller.aif by meatball4u
Cat woman receptionist unlocks keycard cupboard = Unlocking Security Door.wav by digifishmusic of the FreeSound Project.
Elevator sounds = elevator.wav by fonogeno of the FreeSound Project
Saloon doors = 00375 saloon doors 2.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project
Flapping & Squawk = BlackbirdFlyBy.flac by acclivity of the FreeSound Project
Pot Luck canteen ambience = pachinko_tower.mp3 by matt1980 of the FreeSound Project
Cafeteria crowd cheers = applause_3.mp3 by Charel Sytze of the FreeSound
Slot machine ambience = slot.machine.arcade.mp3 by dobroide of the FreeSound Project
Tich feeds slot machine = slot_machine_insert_3_coins_and_spin.wav by lukaso of the FreeSound Project
Machine payout = casino 2.mp3 by milton of the FreeSound Project
Walking to bar = walking on stone.aif by tigersound of the FreeSound Project
Small bar crowd cheer and clap as Tich and Bill leave = clappy1.wav by themfish of the FreeSound Project
Entering Tumbling Dice Casino = MGM Grand Las Vegas.mp3 by Shamanatrix of the FreeSound Project
Bonanza Card house = FUNKY HARD-EDGED JAZZ BACKUP.aif by hammerklavier of the FreeSound Project
Card shuffle = shuffle.wav by deathpie of the FreeSound Project
Card layed down = cardDrop2.wav by deathpie of the FreeSound Project
Prolonged shuffling = 00582 shuffling poker cards 1.wav by Robinhood76 of the FreeSound Project
Hand cranking the ptsitachak game = Hand Powered Pillar Drill.wav by Benboncan of the FreeSound Project
Parrot whistle = whistle1.mp3 by James11111 of the FreeSound Project
Parrot whistle = whistle.mp3 by James11111 of the FreeSound Project
Parrot saying ‘There you Are’ as it presents a card = there you are.mp3 by James11111 of the FreeSound Project
Open square in central Goldpot = traffic med around city square cuba.aiff by kyles of the FreeSound Project
Crowd by the appledrop game = crowd terrasse.wav by JFBSAUVE of the FreeSound Project
Running footsteps = running.wav by sagetyrtle of the FreeSound Project
Gong announcing new Appledrop hour = gong2.mp3 by gezotenplotz of the FreeSound Project
Crowd react when apple finally falls = WoohooOoohhhh.wav by daveincamas of the FreeSound Project
Footsteps as they go to get winnings = 20070820.fjord.beach.footsteps.wav by dobroide of the FreeSound Project
Horse snort = horsesnort2.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Jaggah race trumpet and ‘They’re off’ = atpost.wav by RDB of the FreeSound Project
Eagle-like shriek of the racing jaggahs = ashau.mp3 by foosiemac of the FreeSound Project
Race crowd cheering = Crowd_cheering_football_01.wav by wanna73 of the FreeSound Project
Rapsalin hurls himself through a closed window = Crash & Glass.wav by Rock Savage of the FreeSound Project
The President’s Secretary scream = women_scream_AAA.aiff by thanvannispen of the FreeSound Project

Other effects:

Ambience of horse race came from

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Various from Mammoth Software Royalty Free SoundFX DVD.

Some fifty or so other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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