Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 9:

The Shard of Ghazbrid- Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Monday 1st November 2010

(The Shard of Ghazbrid was written in July 2007 and first appeared on in December 2007)

The inspiration for this story came from an ongoing interest in exploring how aliens have been portrayed in the past, which is often as a threat and perhaps in microscopic form as more viral than beneficial. It was kick started by wondering what the alien equivalent might be of those “Friendly bacteria” in health drinks.

The original artwork is a picture of me in a boiler suit walking up the road just round the corner from home with a flight box photoshopped in and the Pullulaties are a composite of fairy wing photos taken at Summer festivals.

We weren’t among the finalists of this year’s Parsec awards but it is still a great honour to have been nominated for the Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form). You can see a list of the finalists at

One of our regular voice actors, Anand, has got his fabulous website up and running. Anand is a really talented photographer and I’ve been an admirer of his work for almost 20 years now. His website includes some superb images from India, treks in Nepal and the Middle East. Check it out at


In the last episode I mentioned a free gift for all you fabulous listeners to Ad Astral.

“FLUX” – my first novel – has just been published. You can download PDF of the book by following this link or, if you’d like to, you can buy a copy of the book in printed form.
Here’s a synopsis:
“Joe Stone's life is turned upside down following a chance meeting with a beautiful woman called Zee. They are captured and taken on a long journey by a desperate, dying species and experience an experimental evaluation of humankind from deep within their subconscious, before being reunited, the moment they awake, to begin a blossoming love affair set to the backdrop of an alien world.
However, not everyone has their best interests at heart and their resultant escape takes them into direct interaction with a pansophical entity.
Guardian of the alternative realities:
The Flux”





Our Guest Voice Actors:

Carol Rogerson was hatched in December 1970. The youngest of 54 children, she decided to move to Earth at age 18 to get closer to the goth movement and maybe become a vampire.After putting on a lot of make-up and sulking in her room by candlelight, she studied graphic design and made her first foray into publishing with the famous but short-lived 'Pierced Cyberpunk Goth Chick' fanzine. Carol enjoys reading philosophy and finds the way humans think differently from one another very funny indeed. It wouldn't wash on her home planet. She likes art, photography and cephalopods too. Most evenings she relaxes by breathing in the fumes from a tin of emulsion or sanding the ends off her fingers. In 2007 Carol discovered Chris outside the station in Tunbridge Wells. She thinks he's a very special example of the species and intends to study him for a long time to come. Carol currently lives in Orpington and Brighton. Despite the wormhole in the garden, the travelling is a bit annoying and she'd like to move. If she can sort out some gills, she'd like to live in the sea. She especially enjoyed playing a human in the Ad Astral podcast: Borrowed Time and The Shard of Ghazbrid.


Chris Edwards is a keen runner (having taken part in several half marathons) a great photographer, was guitarist in ex-Brighton band girl afraid, and – as a fine example of the human species – is currently enjoying being studied by Carol Rogerson.




Music used in this episode:

Big Ear Signal gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘Beethalvus Idiom' and 'This is...' from the album ‘Termites of 1938’ for the intro and outro for this production. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Find out more at


Sound Effects

Thanks to Paul Davison for:
Breadmaker beep and kneeding sounds

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

Machairod roars:
monster_growl_01. By aesqe of the Freesound Project
Monster.wav by Sea Fury of the FreeSound Project
Monster 4.wav by Sea Fury of the FreeSound Project

Machairod scrambles on loose shale = ying footstep 01.wav by martian of the FreeSound Project
Machairod snort = snort.wav by ryansnook of the FreeSound Project
Pullulaties = BunchOfFlies.wav by HerbertBoland of the FreeSound Project
Rock splinters = JBF Plywood Breaking 2.aif by cmusounddesign of the FreeSound Project

Rockslide = Rockfall in mine.wav by Benboncan of the FreeSound Project
Trapped Pullulaties = fly.00.wav by dobroide of the FreeSound Project
M-type asteroid striking planet Gahzbrid = grenade.wav by ljudman of the FreeSound Project
Aftermath = Earth4.aif by pushtobreak of the FreeSound Project
The shard falling to Earth = jetbike flypast.aif by tigersound of the FreeSound Project
The shard impacting = Earth1.aif by pushtobreak of the FreeSound Project
Sounds on the allotment = Churchbells Blackbird Watering.wav by inchadney of the FreeSound Project
Hospital sounds = hospital sounds 1.wav by ERH of the FreeSound Project
Whispers of the Pullulaties = whispers.wav by thanvannispen of the FreeSound Project
Pullulaties in guesthouse = Waterfall.aif by ignotus of the FreeSound Project
Pullulaties in guesthouse = mixed with ants.mp3 by yks of the FreeSound Project

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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