Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 15:

The Patron Saint of Domestic Appliances

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Tuesday 31st January 2012

"The Windowmatic appliance was once owned by Human Unit SmithD6. He wasn’t a very nice human unit.

This is the little automatic window cleaning appliance’s story.


This story was written in September 2004. It first appeared on under the title “Anthropomorphs” in March 2005 and then it was published as one of an anthology of short stories (first edition in Hardcover) entitled "Silverthought: Ignition" in January 2006 (which made the semi-finals of the Fantasy/Science Fiction category of the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards). One of Silverthought’s editors (Mark Brand) suggested that The Patron Saint of Domestic Appliances would be a better title for it: I think he was right, so I’ve renamed it for this podcast.


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