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Other Podcasts Featuring DJ Burnham


The Roy Harper Podcast: Episode 26


Back in 1994 Dave interviewed Roy Harper (singer-songwriter and hero of mine) upstairs at the Half Moon music venue in Putney. The interview was transcribed and appeared in Issue 18 of the Ptolemaic Terrascope. Dave found the original tape recording recently but when I played it back it made Roy and Dave sound like Pinky and Perky. However, Paul Davison, who hosts the Roy Harper podcast, managed to play about with that recording and it now sounds great.

See DJ Burnham reciting a Sci Fi poem on stage in July 2009:


The Roy Harper Podcast: Episode 8

The Roy Harper Podcast: Episode 10


Two podcasts in which Dave and Sue were interviewed in 2008 about the music of Roy Harper and their involvement in promoting gigs for him and his son Nick - and a short chat about Dave's writing.


The Spoils of War(2006)

(Adapted from "Sound The Alarm" for Podcast)

Podcast by June 2006

Pohraen's childhood was dominated by the interminable war that had torn her planet apart, only the music of the 100th Day gatherings could lift her mood.

Then, in a last desperate arms race, a bizarre turn of events sowed the seeds of change.