Crew and passengers Roll Call - in alphabetical order (62 and counting)

Luke Abbott


Tom Andrews

Gina Bardi

Ty Bardi

Dave Barnard

Chris Beaumont

David Bott

Ben du Boulay

Daren Boyden

Graham Burgess

DJ Burnham

Jim Burnham

Rene Burnham

Sue Burnham

Cat Cox

Terry Clark

Hugh Clench

Martin Cooper

Al Cruse

Paul Davison

Charlotte Dearing

Judi Dettmar

Keith Dettmar

Chris Edwards

Barry Fludgate

Martyn Ford

Cigdem Ford

Colin Gerrard

Nicola Gerrard

Kate Daisy Grant

Peter Hammerton

Steve Harrison

Pat Hewitt

Tracy Hunt

Maurice Hunter

Miles Jefcoate

Andy Kerr

Pete Lambert

Jules Lawrence

Toni Manuel

Rod McLeod

Wendy Pratt

Nick Pynn


Paul Stenner

Dave Read

Gareth Rogers

Carol Rogerson

Simon Taylor

Chrissie Toye

Adrian Truman

Carmen Vesztergom

Mel Vevers

Laura Whiting

Becky Williams

Ed Willis

Roy Weard

Jon Wood

Sue Wood

Max Zaloumis




Captain DJ Burnham, Story writing, narration, weird noises - Biography







Lieutenant Commander Paul Davison, Science Officer - Biography

EP7, EP24





Astronaut Anand, Mission Specialist (Head of Space Walks)

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages

Jgikloran in EP2, Ernie in EP3, President Rapsalin in EP6, Lieutenant Commander Zoornon in EP8, Space Station Commander in EP17, Captain Barney Jones in EP23, Khorafi in EP26, Time Portal Head Technician in EP31




Shapeshifter Jules Lawrence: Jules is a self-styled, one-man junkyard orchestra.

A player of assorted saxes, flute & harmonica, he is also one of the very few people who's ever bothered to work out how to get a tune out of a musical saw (jews harps, repurposed spring reverbs & a multitude of other stuff too).

As a member of country blues outfit, The Swamp Things, he shared stages with Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Paul Jones' Blues Band, RL Burnside and Alabama 3 as well as touring Europe on several occasions. As a member of The Dime Store Jive Revue, he spent time playing in New Orleans as part of a Burlesque festival.

He has also worked on producing live soundtracks for silent movies, performance art pieces & was a member of Mudlow, and Simonne And The Dark Stars. Numerous collaborations with author Mike Russell, as well as a variety of other works, can be found HERE:

Jules can currently be found as quarter of experimental rock band Caaw as well as in the horn section of Fat45 and (occasionally) in The Urban Voodoo Machine.

Poniros in EP4, Bill Pomon in EP6, Heegos in EP20, Rufus Deeptan in EP23, Raznah Gastron in EP30, Mahir in EP35





Lieutenant Sue Burnham, Ship's Counselor and Galley Pixie

Cat Woman Receptionist in EP6, Vroma Miti in EP14, Scale Bright Advert in EP23, Sue D'Q in EP24







Chief Petty Officer Jon Wood (AKA Bronco Lane), ENTS Officer

Guitarist and songwriter with The Fold, solo singer-songwriter, & Jonassingersongwriter

As mentioned in the podcast, Jon Wood's new album "These Tall Trees" is now available on iTunes: Here

Doug Mountjoy in EP2, Commander Lee in EP8, Jed Galusica in EP19, Competition Announcer in EP23, Budd Steffens in EP26, Alex in EP35





Private Martin Cooper, Ship's Latrine operative and script advisor

Vocalist with the infamous Fish Brothers

EP3, EP7, EP14, EP32







The late, great Simba (Bimble Yoyo Marmaduke Pftang Pftang Ole Biscuit Barrel) - Ship's cat and mascot.






Doctor Simon Taylor, Ship's Musical director and dabbler in the dark arts of "The Physics".

He was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates".

Find out more at: The Brown Stripes,    Shabby,    Bonfire Brother,    Tortishead

Guard in EP4, Sam Blixo in EP10, Space Station Crew Chief Jones in EP17, Travis in EP19, Kidnapper in EP23, Captain Francis Swan in EP31 and EP32, Protos Hilton Hotel Guard in EP34






Maurice Hunter - AKA Captain Roy/Captain Barrington-White


Maurice played Commander Xyton in the Radical Intergalactic Travel Agency in Ad Astral EP2





Submarine Captain Colin Gerrard - Dr. Watkins in Borrowed Time in Ad Astral EP3, Quangobot Docking Unit 8 in EP11, Radio Technician "Wires" in EP23








Chris Edwards and Carol Rogerson - Cynthia West and Dr. Pozzy in Borrowed Time in Ad Astral EP3

and Linda Piper & John Smith in Ad Astral EP9







The late, great Wendy Pratt - Tina Drummond in Borrowed Time in Ad Astral EP3 and Agnes Wren in EP22






Miles Jefcoate

You can find out more about Milo at and


Lambic Zetoon in EP4. Space Station Technician in EP 17 and Sylvester Griffin in EP19, Ed D'Z in EP24, Chief Engineer Zegti in EP32







Becky Williams - Omorfia in Dream Girl Ad Astral EP4








Steve Harrison plays with folk rock band The Fold, and in The Doctors: a unique blend of Americana and original progressive folk-rock. He was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" He also played in bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things. There are rumours of a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule".


Steve Harrison - Tich Pleoneka in Jackpot Ad Astral EP6, Bill in EP19, as himself in EP31








Dave Read - Taxi driver in Jackpot Ad Astral EP6








Tracy Hunt - President Rapsalin's Secretary in Jackpot Ad Astral EP6









Rene Burnham  and the late, great Jim Burnham - Spiderwoman and Appledrop Captain in Jackpot Ad Astral EP6, Jenny Randall and Gordon Levitt in EP26








Keith Dettmar's pastimes include wading through mud at music festivals, attaching planks to his feet to slide down mountains and punishing his liver; preferably combining the latter with one of the others. (Keith is also one of our script advisors) - Doorman in EP 7, Barman in EP24, Waiter in EP31





Chrissie Toye - Fran in EP 7, First Lieutenant Persephone Taskin in Episode 8, Quangobot Compliance Unit 26 in EP 11, Snowy Peaks in EP23, Beauty Therapist in EP32 - Chrissie is an enthusiastic traveller, the stamps in her passport would give Michael Palin a run for his money.







Toni Manuel - Jane in EP 7 - Toni Manuel - When she's not glued to a spinning bike Toni likes restoring Victorian Bandstands, counting pebbles on Brighton beach and staring out to sea claiming it's 'work'!








Laura Whiting - Afti in EP7 and Sky Ladder Announcer in EP 14- Laura loves long walks in the counry combined with a few wine o'clock stops en route! She is starting to get the running bug, and enjoys greatly spinning on her bike. The bike is stationary....and no wine is involved.







Charlotte Dearing - Zoe in EP 7, Teenage Persephone in EP 8 - Charlotte is currently studying at Rose Bruford College on an American Theatre Atrs which she is featuring in a cabaret as a very angry German lady...when not doing such bizarre things as this, general merryment of alcohol and outside and sunshine are enjoyed as much as possible.





Nicola Gerrard is being a sand angel in this picture (Age 9), Young Persephone in EP8. This is Nicola's first role in voice acting. She loves craft activity and writing her own short stories with a quirky style (she is – as yet – unpublished). She is inseparable from her toy dog "Midnight" and imaginary horse "Blackberry". She likes camping, spaghetti Bolognaise and riding her bike.






Commander Nielson in EP8 and Primeminister Dimitry Hipnikov in EP13

Chris Beaumont is an actor and director who has latterly been appearing mostly at the world famous "Greys" pub in Brighton which he has also run for the last eight years







Gareth Rogers - Alex in EP 7 - Gareth enjoys culinary adventures with chilli and likes to sample a wide variety of ciders.








Luke Abbott is Dave's nephew, a fine fellow who is a dab hand with a hockey stick and owns a healthy appetite.

Lieutenant Taylor Monroe in EP 8.








Judi Dettmar

Senator Constance Paradrew in EP 10.







The late, great Barry Fludgate: "It's a bummer living so long. No one told me I would live 500 years. You live the first 60 or so as normal person and then you are told there is another 500+ years to go! I tried to get all the killer diseases, but they kept on curing me. There was a time you could drink yourself to death, pure fiction. I tried drugs but they were awful. So on my 129th birthday I joined up. Joined up to what you may ask? To the death squad. For the past 300 years I have been trying to manoeuvre our ships into a position where we can all get obliterated. Every time I do it we get some smart arsed captain who does the right thing and saves us all. I keep telling him to watch the old Star Trek vids where Captain Kirk rounds up all the officers and jumps off ship into killing the aliens, that way he can leave us unmanned and we can be killed. All this experience going to waste. I give up!" 1st Officer Brooks, Episode 8 2010.







Rod McLeod

Bill in EP 11.








Al Cruse

Fish whisperer, Vinyl collector and ship's empath.

Quangobot Systems Analyst Unit 10 in EP11, Ship's Helm in EP32






Peter Hammerton

Quangobot Chief Executive in EP 11.





Tom Andrews

Roger McIvor in EP13, Pony in EP19, as himself in EP31 and EP32

Tom plays drums in a variety of bands including The Fold, The Unquiet Things, Tortishead

He was in the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band The Dayglo Pirates.

He is also in The Sitting Ducks, Soul Sensation and The Doctors; he also played drums for Peter Green for a short period.






Max Zaloumis

President Banga Mambo in EP13.







Mel Vevers: Likes riding her white bike around Brighton, exploring the British Isles and Crazy Clothes

Inspector Paula Hardwick in Episode 14, Florence Teelforth in EP26.








Terry Clark: Has spent much of his time hiding behind trees and some say he's barking mad.

An early appearance in an Ibsen play as teenager marked the high point of his thespian career, after that it was all downhill...that is until Ad Astral revived his flagging fortunes

Desk Sergeant Reg in Episode 14, Manager of the Pithican Gnome in Episode 20, Deputy Base Commander Halt EP26








Martyn Ford - Hostmother, performer, author and icon of Englishness – Mrs Joyce Hoover extends the hand of international friendship.


Philip Bird in EP13, Gerry Chattny in EP31 and EP32








Cigdem Ford - sings as part of the Brighton-based Jam Tarts Choir - a 60-strong choral collective who perform unique and shimmering arrangements of songs by indie, punk and new wave artists such as The Smiths, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, John Grant, Tom Waits and Joy Division


Maria Chattny in EP31 and EP32




Andy Kerr loves everything Greek. He knew that playing the triangle in a school play would stand him in good stead for his kazoo exploits in the Ad Astral podcast. After the experience he now, however, considers that the Bouzouki my take a bit longer to master than originally anticipated. It's rumoured that Retsina may help the process so he's willing to give it a try until it starts working.


Vangel in EP16, Barney Yates in EP19, Hugh D'Q in EP24





Daren Boyden - Formerly a leading light in the endurance ironing field, now retired to a slightly crumpled state..


Sion in Episode 16.






Cat Cox sings with alternative covers rock band Tortishead, and sings in bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things.

...and vocals on 'And All Things In-Between' by "These Tall Trees" is now available on iTunes: Here


Seiron and Emmelis in Episode 19.








Graham Burgess plays with bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, progressive rock band The Unquiet Things. He was also a member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates"You can see Graham's biog' HERE.

Ryan in EP19







Hugh Clench: founder member of the Hugh Clench Endurance, the 60s rock band that never was.

Famous for his association with soya lasagne.


Trojan in EP20.







Ben du Boulay - "I listened to Journey into Space on the radio as a boy and (very much) more recently Ad Astral when I was far away in New Zealand last year. In both cases I was transported across space and time for a lovely while. So I was thrilled to be asked to attend Ad Astral HQ and take part in an episode. None of it was quite what I expected, except for the wonderful cheery and generous welcome from Dave and Sue. I am really looking forward to hearing how my words are slotted into the overall while by Dave the Magician."


President of the Life Bank in EP20, Jeremy Facthound in EP23, Lecturer in EP26





Carmen Vesztergom


Newsreader in Episode 26.







Pete Lambert


Quorth in Episode 26.








Ed Willis, fellow inmate of the asylum that is Guys Hospital with DJ Burnham and Colin Gerrard, and finally released a couple of years after them to confuse the inhabitants of Bedford in much the same way as the other two confuse the inhabitants of Brighton.

Kiklos in EP26







Sue Wood - The mysterious world of voice recording took me right outside my comfort zone but it was a pleasure to join Dave's cast of thousands for his most epic piece to date.
Normally I can be found creating artwork or teaching workshops and all the latest news about this is at:


Natalie Spacewarp in EP 23





Adrian Truman, Worthing-based singer-songwriter and all round lovely guy

Check out music by Adrian on SOUNDCLOUD HERE.

Tim Pool in EP30




Nick Pynn: An electro-acoustic stringed multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and performer, Nick performs on a variety of instruments including 5 string violin, guitars, mountain dulcimer, mandocello and banjo. He plays these live whilst his feet live-loop and play bass pedals. Nick Pynn has also performed as a sideman with many musicians and comedians over the years, including Stewart Lee, Arthur Brown, Boothby Graffoe, B*Witched, Steve Harley, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Beverley Martyn, Otis Lee Crenshaw (Rich Hall) and Omid Djalili. Nick also plays with Stomp’s ‘Lost and Found Orchestra’. Having won Edinburgh’s Spirit of the Fringe and Brighton’s Star of the Festival awards and co-winning the Three Weeks Editor’s Award with Jane Bom-Bane, Nick co-won the ‘Best Music Event’ category Brighton Latest award last year with Kate Daisy Grant for their show in the Brighton Fringe. Nick performs regularly with Kate Daisy Grant.

Check out NICK PYNN's Website HERE.

First Officer Yippo Rax in EP31 and EP32, Otto d'Jamma in EP35


Kate Daisy Grant is an established singer-songwriter. Signed as a songwriter to Sony/ATV in 2005, she produced her first album 'Kate Daisy Grant', with producer Ken Rose. Kate was asked to contribute new songs and additional score for feature film 'Mr Right' in 2009 and had several songs used in the 'Voices in the Head' episode of Jon Ronson's BBC Radio 4 show. She continues to have music featured in TV and film internationally.
Kate performed in award-winning runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Brighton Fringewith her partner Nick Pynn - since 2011, they have developed a twin live-looped show: a two-person orchestra combining their folk, toy, found item and invented instruments: piano, 5 string violin, toy instruments, theremin, singing saw, wine glasses, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo and antique floor cymbal.

Check out KATE DAISY GRANT's Website HERE.

Science Officer Gisherry in EP32, Bri Allen in EP35

Roy Weard had been many different things. In the 1970s he had several bands that performed in venues around the East End of London, from ‘Stranger than Yesterday’, who supported the ‘Pink Floyd’ in the Fishmonger’s Arms in 1972 through ‘Grope’ to ‘Wooden Lion a fixture at the Windsor and Watchfield Free festivals. He released albums with ‘Dogwatch’ (1979), ‘Roy Weard and Last Post’ (1981) before quitting performing to stand behind the mixing desk for many well known artists such as Donovan, Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, Eric Burdon and many more. In 2009 he went back to performing with ‘That Legendary Wooden Lion’ who released ‘Writing In A Skeleton Key’ in 2011 before putting out ‘This House In Amber’ under his own name in 2017 (Both of these albums feature guest appearances from Nick Pynn). Since then he has been back behind the mixing desk for the Medieval Prog band ‘Gryphon’, and the is the house sound tech at Trading Boundaries as well as being live recording engineer for Graham Parker, Camel, and others. He is a qualified Scuba Diving Instructor, a radio show presenter for The Real Music Club, and has also written his autobiography, ‘The Way To(o) Weard’(published by Gonzo Multimedia) as well as completing one and a half, so far unpublished, novels.

Find out more here HERE:

President of the Bank of Protos in EP35 


We met Ty and Gina Bardi on the Island of Milos in Greece in September 2016 and hit it off immediately. They live in San Francisco and also produce their own comedy podcast called The Alphabet, as well as writing for Killing My Lobster - San Francisco's biggest, baddest, live sketch comedy company.



Ty Bardi as John Tredgold EP31 and EP32

Gina Bardi as Helen Tredgold EP31 and EP32


Paul Stenner: In his spare-time from his day job as a Professor of Social Psychology at the Open University, Paul Stenner is a singer song-writer and guitarist who plays with The Doctors and he also regularly sings along with Area Code 273



As himself in EP31



David Bott: David has been playing keyboards for some 50 years in a variety of bands such as After Dark in the 70s (a jazz rock band), The Back-Beat Band in the 80s (a 10-piece soul band), LBOK (a Steely Dan covers band), The Dayglo Pirates in the 90s and naughties (a brilliant Jethro Tull tribute band) and currently with The Doctors


As himself in EP31



Dave Barnard: Dave signed to Polydor Records as a bass player, vocalist and songwriter in the late 70s. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s he continued his musical career as a renowned salsa specialist bass player, teaching this style at The Bass Institute in London for three years whilst playing club dates, cabaret shows and cruise ships. During the late 1990s to 2000s, Dave worked as SoundLive residential course leader for The Prince’s Trust. He has been a bass player and musical director for many touring US jazz artists and is perhaps best known for his work with the late singer/songwriter Terry Callier, with whom he toured and recorded for 18 years. Currently Dave plays with The Doctors and also The All Things Must Pass Orchestra performing the works of George Harrison.


All Things Must Pass Orchestra

As himself in EP31




Pat Hewitt


Stephen Wren in EP22.