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Greek Islands

This page is an index to further pages on individual Greek islands which we've visited over the years

Hopefully the information may be of some use to you if you are planning to visit Greece, as well as giving you a flavour of the islands featured, and an array of images. We've tried to include links to other sites which have proved useful for each island.

We have a bit of a thing going with Greek Cats too, so if you fancy seeing some images of cats from specific islands then take a look.

At some point there'll be a "Flaura & fauna" page too...other than the cats ;-)

There is also a link to a "Tips" page below, some of the contents are common sense, but maybe some of the ideas could come in useful.


Our favourite Greek island website is Matt Barrett's.

This is where we usually start looking when we're planning a trip to Greece:-

Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guide


The list below are of the islands that we've visited (even if only briefly), just click on the name to take you to that island page:-












Greek Cats Page


Some other sites worth checking out

A Lemon Tree of Our Own: The journal of a British couple who left the UK to set up home in Hania, Crete. Regular updates and insights into life in Crete.


Books about Greece

It's All Greek To Me! by John Mole:

A really enjoyable book and one that I shall doubtlessly – before too long – add to the mere handfull of books that I've read more than once. I've been travelling to Greece for some 11 or 12 years and John Mole's tale of building a life for himself and his family on the island of Evia is rich in both familiarity and self-deprecating humour, as well as giving the answers to all sorts of little questions about Greek life that I've pondered for ages. Highly recommended.

Greece on My Wheels by Edward Enfield:

An utterly charming and educational account of a 70 yr-old man's adventures whilst peddling around the Peloponnese and Epirus. It's both a gently-paced travelogue and a splendid insight into Greek life; seasoned with humour, history and cultural references.

Falling For Icarus by Rory Maclean:

A beautifully-written book tracing one man’s catharsis as he comes to terms with the loss of his mother by building a flying machine, assisted and occasionally hindered by the richly drawn characters from the village in which Rory and his wife spent those few months in Crete. A Real story about real people, laced with humour and revelations about Cretan village life.

Still Life in Crete by Anthony Cox:

Both travel book and invaluable guide to anyone considering upping sticks and starting a new life in Greece. The process of finding and securing a suitable property, along with the frustrations on Greek bureaucracy and random claims on portions of adjacent/associated land will ring true with anyone who’s had a go, but the humorous and honest account will give armchair travellers or anyone with an interest in Greece a good read.

Dinner with Persephone by Patricia Storace:

A rich mezedes of Greek life, history’s major players, politics and social interaction, myths and fables, cultural nuances, passions and pride; although set mainly in Athens in the early-nineties the author also writes about short visits to Thassos, Aegina, Andros, Hydra, Lesvos and Corfu, as well as Naxos – an island that we’re especially fond of.

Margarita's Olive Press by Rodney Shields:

Romantic fool or ambitious adventurer, Rodney Shields overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles – from tenacious owners to large-scale rebuilding – in the pursuit of a dream on the island of Zakynthos. With the invaluable help of generous locals, friends and family, life is slowly breathed back into the old building. But this is no quick fix grand design; this is a project stretching over decades, achieved with pragmatism, hard labour, charm, inventiveness and immersion in the local community – along with an admirable measure of eating, drinking, swimming and fun; set to the backdrop of the drama of life on a Greek island.