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Life flows from the mountains,
Tumbles from lion mouth fountains,
Ydroussa's streams babble and chatter,
Worldly cares no longer matter,
With time suspended,
The picture is bigger,
Priorities upended,

By Chrysí Ammó: "golden sand",
Conductor cicada strikes up the band,
Horizon ferries make their Taxídi,
While bronzing recliners take things easy,
Beach bar chillout beats to the heart,
Micrá psária weave and dart,
Oleander flutter and wave in time,
The rhythm of the beach kissed with brine.

Skílos siestas in the shade,
Limáni pápia has got it made,
Majestic swan swims alone,
Bonelli's eagle in his throne,
Swallows skim and duck and dive,
Cats drift in to hypnotise,
Lizards twitch and scuttle away,
At night the bats have their day.

Celíni lays her silver over the swell,
Aegean whispers as though from a shell,
Candlelit village in flickering light,
Across the bay, Batsi at night,
Eavesdrop as a blend of tongues,
Ebb on the breeze with the giggling young,
Diners pronounce "Polí oraío",
We all have a role,
Each one a player.

(Siga-siga means take it slowly, taxidi is journey, micra psaria are little fish, skilos is dog, limani papia are harbour ducks, Celini is the moon, Poli Oraio means very nice)

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2014 All Rights Reserved

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