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A Whole Brain

Like yesterday I remember
That sunny winter date
The sixteenth of December
Nineteen eighty eight

The bands about our fingers
Forged in dying suns
Whose stars' life still lingers
Through hearts well-met as one

The river's been quite kind thus far
Polished us like stones
Between us we have a whole brain
To recall the years just flown

We've boated on the Backwaters, the Ganges and the Nile
Ballooned over deserts and the tombs of kings in style
Seen dolphins, eagles, tigers, lions along the way
And ridden an elephant to a palace on Christmas Day

We've travelled back in time to the Eagle Hotel
To be elegantly serenaded by Galadriel
Seen a thousand musicians take to the stage
Shared a hundred books with the turning of a page

We've watched Selini glitter silver
On Aegean mirrored waves
As boats bobbed and quivered
Dancing mini-raves

There’s a new tower on the castle
Fresh feathers in the nest
As we pass the landmark
Of our quarter century test
…with flying colours


Copyright ©DJBurnham 2013 All Rights Reserved

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