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Barcelona belongs to you

Sun kissed samba down on the sand,
Where breaking waves applaud the band,
La Barceloneta nestles like a village,
Time stands still, resisting the pillage,
Port Olympic with its fish of bronze,
A brash new age, all mod cons,
Two sky-scrapers making a statement,
David and Goliat view from the pavement.

The Batlló ups stumps on elephantine pillars,
Down the Gràcia with Gaudí at the tiller,
Melancholic breaths flex its scales,
Rocking the roof and the dragon's tale,
Medieval knights stand guard on the Quarry,
Sculpted sentinels of this rippling storey,
Asparagus-topped corn cobs reach for the sky,
Grasping the heavens and the passers-by,
Skeletal fingers of the Expiatori,
Tower-tipped detail angel's eye,
From pavilions which echo Hantzel and Gretel,
The trickling Python's finest fettle,
An undulating mosiac-clad snake,
Built for comfort and a welcome break,
Before spiralling columns and hypostyle hall,
Beguiling angles, bewitch and enthral.

Where giris are caught in spiders' webs,
As the city's lifeblood flows and ebbs,
The theatre turns out a formal puddle,
Into a meandering river of chaotic muddle,
Every colour on the gourmet's palate,
Leaps from La Boqueria market,
From seafood so fresh it sports a nip,
To every fruit to've carried a pip,
Feast on baccalla and patatas bravas,
Or try El Xampanyet's tapas and cavas,
La cuina Catalana is alive and well,
Thriving, casting her net and her spell.

Try as one might to take time to siesta,
The city will tempt you with living fiesta.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

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