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Circus of Horrors

Doublespeak of the week
That reeks like Shit Creek

Hiring yes men to whisper in your ear
Less than best men tell you what you want to hear

Caught like a Raab in the headlights
Hancock’s Half Hour devoid of highlights

Brazen opportunist hateful Patel
Smirking harridan on loan from Hell

Pint of snake oil ranting barrage
Milkshake target snowflake Farage

Sunak the fresh prince of hot air
Hedging his bets to pick up a share

Bleeder of the House sleeping like a log
Front bench money louse Jacob Rees-Mogg

Two-faced Gove in his web of deceit
And his: “Had enough of experts” nationalist excrete

A wannabe colonic to the Civil Service
Guaranteed demonic to the snivelling nervous

The government’s Johnson caught in their flies
Spreadeagled across a windshield of lies

Greet the death of a thousand cuts with shrugs
Destined to an eternity as Satan’s butt plugs

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2020 All Rights Reserved


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