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Composers Today

Would Brahms read palms

Would Handel cause a scandal

Would Mozart race a go-kart

Would Tchaikovsky ride a jet ski

Would Strauss rock the house

Would Stravinsky still be into whiskey 

Would Schubert like a bear called Rupert

Would Shostakovich boss the clove hitch

Would Beethoven leave the gate open

Would Rachmaninoff snack on Bake Off

Would Liszt stick or twist

Would Bach be up for a lark

Would Haydn vote Joe Biden

Would Grieg like rugby league

Would Holst drink Grolsch

Would Wagner be a gardener

Would Chopin get a glow tan

Would Verdi play the hurdy gurdy

Would Mahler dig Tame Impala

Would Puccini sport a beanie

Would Sibelius have an alias

Would Debussy dance the watusi

Would Ravel like Adele

Would Vivaldi shop at Aldi


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