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Eight O'Clock Thursday

It's Eight O'Clock on Thursday
It's time for us to clap
To call for better payday
Help them mind the gap
Clockwork neighbour ballet

Then back into the trap

Swerve and weave
Keep the air we breath
Stay out of trouble
In a locked down bubble

Running the gauntlet for shopping
Contactless deposing cash King
Zombies in sheep's clothing
Shuffling distanced zoning

Tumbleweed terraces
Shadows in a concert hall
Haunted wheels of ferris'
Celeste as a shopping mall

Stay home
Stay safe
Stay healthy
Keep the spread at bay

Stay alert
Back to work
Say the wealthy
But should we still obey?

More than just ball bearings
In their machine from hell
A better future sharing?
Only time will tell

The world could hear a pin drop
But what about the penny?
Are we heading for a full stop?
Or using our antennae?

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2020 All Rights Reserved

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