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Ionian Jewel

Twisting roads and alpine views,
Scenes steeped in epic wonder,
Hidden lake blue crystal hues,
Ancient caves to ponder.

Church bells peal across the fields,
In tones of conversation,
Tending gardens, striking deals,
They call their congregation.

The twins ply their daily trade,
Twixt Argostóli and Lixoúri,
Delivering cars and new friends made,
Past Laskarátos and his story.

Cicadas samba sparking static,
In the olive's laden boughs,
'Neath twilit avians' acrobatics,
Far from Lassi's crowds.

Omalós tends the vines,
Hillsides crop fresh horta,
An alluring breeze plays the pines,
As wine flows like water.

With the kiss of fortune she deserves,
From Mother nature's givers,
Ainos guards her verdant curves,
As the dreaming feline quivers.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

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