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I Quit

I'll run it up the flagpole,
See if it floats,
I'll jump this ship,
Rock the boats,
I'll take my sheep,
Leave you to the goats,
I'll pass on the poison,
Take the antidote.

I'll turn up, tune out and then drop off,
You'll repackage, reprice, and rip off,
I'll be one less cook for the perfect broth,
I'll be the coffee, you the froth,
You're the suit and I'm the cloth,
I'm a pair of shades for the flame loving moth.

I'll leave this race down to the rats,
Save my pound of flesh,
From the fat cats,
Through that door at the drop of a hat,
Doing it all off my own bat.

I'll cut my job and grow my hair,
Leave sore heads in the care of a bear,
Swap 'No can do' for 'Now' and 'Yeah,'
Clear my desk and clear the air.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

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