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Isle of Jewels

A rock-perched cormorant stretches its wings,
Near the road with the bikers’ tyre-burnt rings,
From the ferry we wave to the basking seals,
Happy to know just how it feels,
Here on the Isle of Jewels.

Journeys unfold a gallery of scenes,
Emerald hills and gurgling streams,
Fuschia hedges and hydrangea ditches,
Tumble forth from Ireland’s riches,
Here on the Isle of Jewels.

Accordion, bodhran and smoking fiddle,
Join in play at a musicians’ idyll,
The craic is with us, fine of fettle,
In the middle of a seisun as the blackstuff settles,
Here on the Isle of Jewels.

Boldly jumping the Atlantic waves’ chill,
The children revel in the seaside thrill,
Then picnic time for an afternoon’s lazing,
Verdant meadows and contented grazing,
Here on the Isle of Jewels.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2007 All Rights Reserved

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