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Expiring neurones dribble silently from my ears,
The consequence of age and one too many beers,
Perish the thought that thoughts might perish,
They seem to go so fast, no time to cherish,
Lost notions flutter around my waking mind,
Square pegs, round holes, in search of their kind,
I jog down memory lane and doff my thinking cap,
To details sadly on the wane, to joy and mishap,
Distant childhood recollections flee the deadly vortex,
Exercise my loaf awhile, put muscles on its cortex,
A library of experience and biochemical archive,
Photographs and keepsakes, back-up for the harddrive,
A penny for your thoughts, from the mighty memory bank,
While my bargain basement cogitations draw another blank,
Lurking amongst the cobwebs, in the depths of my brain,
I know the place, recall the face, but not - alas - the name,
Brain teasers, acupuncture, hypnosis and more,
Now, if I could only just remember,
What it was,
I came upstairs,

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2004 All Rights Reserved

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