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Theseus' loss was Dionysus' gain
Ariadne's crown Borealis framed
The guardian of Zeus
So it was said
Kouros reclines on a hillside bed

Like Kubrik's monolith the Portara stands
Long ago we walked through it
Hand in hand
Now we are returned
to Byron's favourite land
To stroll Plaka's shoreline and silvery sand

Hora's alleys and arches
A twisting maze
In the climb to the Kastro's former days
Every corner a picture at which to gaze
Then down to a kafenion to sit and laze

Up the hills we weaved and wove
Til' a jewel in Tragia
'Mongst the lilacs and groves
In Halki the Vallindras Kitron still flows
As the fame of the Olive and Fish grows

Below Mount Zas rising like a mighty fin
Views from Filoti
Pretty as a pin
To Apiranthos' marble-paved streets
On which the rays of Helios beat

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2015 All Rights Reserved

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