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Seven Cages

Floating in a sea of muffled sounds,
From egg to human,
Cell to pounds,
Pushed to freedom with sensations' shock,
From the sweetest prison to the starting block.

The jungle gates stand dripping with tears,
Caught between lessons, bullies and peers,
Friends hold each other above the waves,
Shaped to escape to the life of slaves.

Shooting the rapids of adolescence,
Burning fast with incandescence,
With tied tongue and butterfly belly,
On the bottom rung with legs like jelly,
Clumsy moves on unchartered waters,
Still too early to lock up your daughters.

Below the radar slotted into place,
The individual leaves no trace,
The daily grind a ball and chain,
The corporate tree with you the grain.

Computer games and TV screens,
Numb the brains,
Pollute the genes,
Cossetted daily by hi-tech solutions,
Little chance of evolution.

Cultural chasms and vocal codes,
Holds the tribes to their side of the road,
The stars remaining out of reach,
With more than a lifetime's void to breach.

Wizen to an over-ripe old age,
As the story creaks to its final page,
All played out in a silver cage,
A final bow and shuffle off stage.


So the energy is free to bear new fruits,
As the fallen leaf goes back to its roots.


Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

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