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Chasing the Gods
Up on Mount Olympus
Defying the odds
Out for the count
Ginger furry shrimp puss

Tiny teeth and just a bone
His hourglass running out of sand
Only heath to call a home
Rescued by an outstretched hand

From shrimp to prawn
A saint his loving nurse
His spark reborn
From faint to constant purrs

An epic journey awaits
You’re really not sure of the dates
The second hand dances
The minute hand strolls
The hour hand glances
And the calendar rolls

Our country escaped imagined locks
As we battled with bureaucratese
Releasing monsters from Pandora’s Box
To dot the i’s and cross the t’s

With the wheels back on your destiny
Your lucky star to riches from rags
The look on your face would suggest to me
The time had come to pack your bags

You travelled on Stella Blue
Passenger on the Freedom Bus
Driven by the greatest crew
They brought you home to us

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2021 All Rights Reserved

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