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Wealth of Information

I know your birth, your death, your man, your wife,
I know your face, your pace, your span, your life,
I know the earth, the fire, the air, the stone,
I know the hair, the blood, the flesh, the bone,
I know the fear, the hate, the torment, the pain,
I know your love, your passion, your fate explained,
I know the distance of the trusty moon,
I know the colour of every bloom,
I know the truth by fixing your eye,
I know the volumes in a passing sigh,
I know the evil in a hijacked cause,
I know my cohorts through revolving doors,
I know your hopes, your plans, and I know your dreams,
I know your limits, your scams, your undone seams,
I know the value, the cost, the markup and gain,
I know the outcome, the loss, the end, my domain.

Copyright ©DJBurnham 2005 All Rights Reserved

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