Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 2:

The Radical Intergalactic Travel Agency- Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Sunday 8th March 2009

(The Radical Intergalactic Travel Agency was written in December 2005 – on an Air India flight to Delhi – and first appeared on in May 2006, then in 'Test Drive' in 2007)


In this story the Central Senate are on the threshold of achieving their goal of running the world the way they think it should be run, utilising an inept President as their spokesman.
What would really happen if aliens landed on Earth? Would we rush up to them with a tray of canapés and shake them by the hand/tentacle/flipper (*delete as appropriate), or would we try to blow them up or dissect them? As the leaders of the western world seem to display considerable difficulty in appreciating the differences inherent in the wonderful diversity of cultures on their own planet, I rather fear it would turn out to be the latter.

The original artwork shows a sew-on patch of the Earth on the cabin baggage of an intergalactic tourist.


Our Guest Actors:


Maurice Hunter might be better known to Brighton residents as ‘Captain Roy’ AKA ‘Captain Barrington-White, famed in years gone by for dressing up as a first world war captain and occasionally as a bishop! He also acted as MC at several festivals and has also played with The Space Toad Experience, and you can see a photo of him on stage in the crew section of





Jon Wood plays acoustic and electric guitar with folk rock band ‘The Fold’, as well as releasing his own solo project album One to Five.

The Fold, solo singer-songwriter, & Jonassingersongwriter

You can hear three tracks from The Fold's new album 'A Change Has Got To Come' on Myspace



Anand is a multi-talented chap. An outstanding photographer, he has travelled widely through India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, capturing superb images along the way. He is also an experienced climber and trekker, having led several expeditions to Annapurna and the Himalaya.

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages



Music used in this episode:

The Fold (with whom Jon Wood is guitarist and songwriter) gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘Head’ from their album ‘Close Up’ for this production. It formed the intro and outro music for the story. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Find out more at

Mandragora gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘Around the World’ from their album ‘Earthdance’ for this production. It formed the backing track for Xyton and Sam Walker’s discussion - following Xyton’s revealment of his true form. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Find out more at

Ad Astral Theme Tune: by The Natural Transport Company

SamWalker's Hillbilly Bluegrass Theme: by The Natural Transport Company

Xyton's True Form: by The Natural Transport Company

American National Anthem: played by Dave Burnham

Other incidental music from Apple’s Garageband library:

Sound Effects

The sound of a TV set blacking out was JacobsLadderSingle2.flac by Halleck from the Freesound Project
The sound of Xyton’s sword swooshing through the air was classic double swwosh .wav by Martian from the Freesound Project

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Various from Mammoth Software Royalty Free SoundFX DVD.

Various other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

Variant Frequencies 30 second trailer by Rick Stringer
Paul Davison, Bespoke trailer by Paul for Ad Astral

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