Variant Frequencies - Excellent monthly multi-genre fiction podcast

Parsec award-winning story-telling.


Starshipsofa - The irrepressibly enthusiastic Tony Smith introduces the listener to a panoply of delights on Starshipsofa. Well-informed discussions on the works of famous SF authors, flash fiction, poetry, reviews of new films and books, interviews, and some superbly narrated stories by some of the greats.


The Roy Harper Podcast - Monthly podcast featuring the music and life of Roy Harper with fascinating interviews.

A great vehicle for this extraordinary singer-songwriter





The Alphabet - The Alphabet is a comedy sketch podcast created and produced by Ty and Gina Bardi.






Speculative fiction for the internet generation



Offers a home and an audience to speculative writing





Fantastic webzine with a huge archive to explore


A site devoted to quality original short stories and poems




Sites of special interest

Home to all things DJ Burnham

Stormcock.netAn online community for fans of Roy and Nick Harper

The Freesound Project: A fantastic resource for creative commons sound effects, both to use and for contributions




Anand is a multi-talented chap. An outstanding photographer, he has travelled widely through India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, capturing superb images along the way. He is also an experienced climber and trekker, having led several expeditions to Annapurna and the Himalaya.

See Anand's fabulous photography at Anandimages





Music related to Ad Astral

Roy Harper - Music in EP21 The War Came Home Tonight, from the album Death or Glory


The Natural Transport Co. - Ad Astral Theme Tune, Xyton's True Form (EP2), Sam Walker's Theme (EP2) and many more

Music in EP2 - 'Head' from the album 'Close Up'

Music in EP2 - 'Around the World' from the album 'Earthdance', EP7 ‘Inside the Crystal Circle’ from 'Temple Ball Live ’94'

Music in EP3 - 'I'm a Drinker' from the album 'Follow thru'

Nick Pynn - Music in EP4 - 'In Osnabruck' and 'The Tunnel and The Fair' from the album 'In Mirrored Sky' Music in EP 35

Kate Daisy Grant - Science Officer Gisherry in EP31 - Music in EP35

Nick Harper - Music in EP4 - 'The Kissing Gate' from the album 'Blood Songs', 'Like Punk Never Happened from the album 'Instrumental' and 'Pendle's Choice' from the album 'Seed'. EP11 - 'Janet and John' from the album 'Seed'. EP16 - 'Building Our Own Temple' from the album 'Double Life'. EP26 'Holiday on Earth: Origins from the album 'NIX'.



Dharksthar - Music in EP4 - 'RUSHH 2'

The loveGods - Music in EP7 - What’s Behind (Part 2) from their album ‘Between Dogs and Wolves’


Nadeah Miranda - Lead vocalist in the loveGods, check out her solo work here.


Simon Taylor - Music in EP7 - guitar for Paul Hunter and Afti.

He was a founder member of the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates".

Check out Simon in: more at: The Brown Stripes,    Shabby,    Bonfire BrotherTortishead




Jon Wood - Music in EP4 - '125mph' from the album 'ONE to five'. EP7 'Cosmic Vindaloo Guitar' (unreleased)/ EP16 'It Means Everything' from the album 'ONE to five'. Ep35 Here Be Monsters






Big Ear Signal - Music in EP9 - 'Beethalvus Idiom' from the album 'Termites of 1938'










SinusSpiralMusic - Music in EP10 written by ERH (who is SinusSpiralMusic) for the FreeSound Project



SIMONNE and THE DARK STARS- see their website HERE

- Music in EP23







THE DOCTORS - see their website HERE

- Music in EP23 - 'Cyborg Town' & 'No Backstage', EP31 featured throughout







Music in EP19, EP23

THE UNQUIET THINGS - see their website HERE




Adrian Truman - Check out music by Adrian on SOUNDCLOUD HERE.

Music in EP35

ROY WEARD - see his website HERE