Ad Astral Podcast, Episode 7:

Pandamonium - Shownotes

Submitted by DJ Burnham on Saturday 1st May 2010

(Pandamonium was written in March 2009. This podcast is the first time it has been published)

Pandamonium came about for several reasons. One was the danger homogenization of popular music in the form of an industry-driven cash cow squeezing out spontaneity and risk-taking in favour of total artistic control. The other was in response to a perennial question posed by my old friend Paul Davison at the end of almost every interview for the Roy Harper Podcast, in which he asks the interviewee their vision for the future of music.This episode relied on the generosity of others: the permission of musicians to use their music, Jon Wood for writing a piece specially for it, Simon Taylor for playing some stonking guitar parts for Afti and Paul Hunter, the loveGods for giving me permission to use What's Behind (Part 2) to close the story, and all the voice actors for their patience and great contributions.

The original artwork is a photo I took in October 2005 of Deah on stage with the loveGods at the Komedia in Brighton .


Our Guest Voice Actors:


Martin Cooper is vocalist (under the stage name of Martin Fish) with The Fish Brothers - Punk, Folk rock, singalong, music hall. (Fish Brother on MySpace)

Martin is also an author and contributed to 'Seaton Point': an inner-city tale of magic and mayhem



Simon Taylor (AKA “The Doc of Rock” or Jimmy Beige) is a multi-faceted guitarist who (along with Miles Jeffcoate) plays in the popular cheesy beat combo "The Brown Stripes", who have taken Brighton by storm since May 2005 and are now known as "Hanover's Worst Kept Secret". He is also in the rock power quartet "Tortishead" AND the internationally renowned Jethro Tull tribute band "The Dayglo Pirates" AND a newly-formed instrumental prog rock leviathan to be known as “Molecule”. In his spare time, Jimmy dabbles in the dark arts of "The Physics". He was also a founder member of “The Natural Transport Company”.
Find out more at,, and



Paul Davison brews (and samples) his own beers and is a budding archer (hopefully the two are seldom undertaken contemporaneously.

He also presents the Roy Harper Podcast and has been extraordinarily helpful in setting up Ad Astral (hence he is our Chief Science Officer).

Find out more at and read his biog.


Laura Whiting loves long walks in the counry combined with a few wine o'clock stops en route! She is starting to get the running bug, and enjoys greatly spinning on her bike. The bike is stationary....and no wine is involved.








Charlotte Dearing is currently studying at Rose Bruford College on an American Theatre Atrs which she is featuring in a cabaret as a very angry German lady...when not doing such bizarre things as this, general merryment of alcohol and outside and sunshine are enjoyed as much as possible.





Toni Manuel - When she's not glued to a spinning bike Toni likes restoring Victorian Bandstands, counting pebbles on Brighton beach and staring out to sea claiming it's 'work'!







Gareth Rogers enjoys culinary adventures with chilli and likes to sample a wide variety of beers.







Chrissie Toye is an enthusiastic traveller, the stamps in her passport would give Michael Palin a run for his money.





Keith Dettmar's pastimes include wading through mud at music festivals, attaching planks to his feet to slide down mountains and punishing his liver. Preferably combining the latter with one of the others.





Music used in this episode:

Mandragora gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘Inside the Crystal Circle’ from their album ‘Temple Ball Live '94’ for this production. It formed the backing track in the first scene with Paul Hunter and Afti. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Find out more at

Jon Wood wrote the track 'Cosmic Vindaloo Guitar' specially for this episode. It features as the demo recorded by the Pleiades and as background music when Afti arrives with the jeans and headphones. Find out more at

Simon Taylor played live guitar for the parts of Paul Hunter playing for the first time in years and Afti learning how to play and making a breakthrough. Find out more at

The loveGods gave their kind permission for us to use the track ‘What's Behind (Part 2)’ from their album ‘Between Dogs and Wolves’ for this production. It formed the backing track in the first scene with Paul Hunter and Afti. Their music is copyright protected and cannot be used for any other purpose without their permission. Huge thanks to Deah and Art. Find out more at Also take a look at to see what exciting new things Deah’s up to, especially the solo project ‘Venus gets Even’ featuring some fine lyrically twisted dark cabaret pop – lovely stuff.

Pandamonium Music: by The Natural Transport Company


Sound Effects

Credits and details from The Freesound Project

Flint leaves Scott’s office = open_and_close_wooden_door.wav_by fresco of the FreeSound Project
Ambience outside the Hub Nightclub = taxistandavalon.mp3 by stomchache of the FreeSound Project

Other effects:

Various from Apple’s Garageband library.

Other effects tailor-made by Ad Astral.

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